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Jul 6, 2021 by Marek Betka


Find the best developers for your particular needs.

Organizations that once shunned working from home and insisted on having their IT specialists onsite, have realized the many advantages of a remote workforce of developers. Welcoming offsite teams reaps the benefits of value and experience, and opens the borders to tech talent from around the world. The latest Blue Optima Global Benchmark Report explains where to find such talent — and Luxoft can provide it.


What’s so great about having a remote team of developers?

Broader access to a diverse and highly scalable talent pool (including niche skills) for one thing. Having your team work from home means lower retail expenditures as monthly rental bills are replaced by the one-off cost of home-office supplies.

If employees are able to work from anywhere and you’re no longer obliged to fish in a single recruiting sector, you can cast your net wider and develop a deeper talent pool. It will be easier to land world-class skills and quicker to build your dream team.

Luxoft can take care of the team setup, onboarding, tools, communication, processes and so on, but we don’t just deal with the practicalities. The mental health of our engineers and developers is always front of mind, and we’ve built a team of experienced human-resource managers to support our many well-being initiatives.


How do you define and find world-class developers?

Well, let’s take a step back. Delivering IT value means getting the biggest output (change) from the lowest input (cost). So, within the available budget, consider how an IT team can maximize the amount, the quality and the predictability of the change delivered. In other words, measure software developer productivity. Seems simple on paper, right? But this is no easy assessment as there are many factors that affect each project; from the flexibility and complexity of architecture, to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and release cycle. To solve this issue, consider gauging Coding Effort.


Good Coding Effort

The global standard for comparing the productivity of software developers across technologies and methodologies, Coding Effort is calculated by statistically evaluating every source-code change (36 static source-code metrics adjusted for context). The BlueOptima Global Benchmark Report analyzes Coding Effort in major enterprises around the world to identify key trends including those concerning industries, companies and regions. The latest report shows that the financial services sector (the largest employer of software engineers) recently increased productivity. Eastern Europe is highlighted as having consistently high-performing developers who produce the most maintainable code.

Maintainable code has fewer bugs, works more readily with other functions and makes it easier for developers to add new features to the software. On the other hand, unmaintainable code is hard to read if you didn’t write it. So, new hires can get tied up trying to understand code when they should be busy creating new features.


Eastern Europe: The best of the best

This region makes up 8% of the world’s developers. It includes Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Russia. Along with India, the Eastern European group incurs the lowest cost to deliver an hour of Coding Effort. This, combined with the high level of maintainability of code (an important factor for tech growth and success), makes developers in Eastern Europe excellent value for money. From the group, the country that stands out is Ukraine.


Coding Effort (productivity) and Quality (% of time spent delivering maintainable source-code change) of developer performance from the five largest developer countries in BlueOptima reports for Q1-3 2020.


Ukraine and Luxoft

There are a few reasons why developers in Ukraine score so well in quality and efficiency: The country places great importance on education and STEM subjects. Ukraine has a vast pool of software talent, holds attention to detail and quality of code in high regard, and is home to some of the world’s most experienced software developers. We have a strong presence in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, and we’re confident in the quality, seniority and cost-effectiveness of our engineers.

At a glance, our presence in Ukraine spans 15 years, boasts over 3,400 personnel (of whom 83% hold a master’s degree or higher), includes 80 clients and is based in three major cities (Kyiv, Odessa and Dnipro). Our Ukrainian workforce is most skilled in programming and quality assurance, and 42% of our engineers hold senior positions. We know that we can provide unmatched IT offerings using our global expertise and the world-class individuals in our Eastern European offices.


The importance of developer analysis

A benchmark report like BlueOptima provides an effective way of understanding relative complexity across older codebases versus greenfield. It includes interrelated views and holistic metrics to help inform key decisions. BlueOptima is an excellent tool for objective measurement of developer productivity; that’s why it’s used by four of the world’s ten largest banks. We respect the analytics platform and we’re proud that our engineering teams consistently outperform other vendors in the report.


Getting the best

Average day rates for software developers have not changed significantly over the last few years, and neither has the global shortage of technology skills (as reported in a recent KPMG survey). However, the number of remote positions has increased dramatically and the attractiveness of outsourcing IT solutions has been strengthened.

Assessing developer quality is hard, but analyses like the BlueOptima Benchmark Report can help you select the software delivery organization that brings the best IT value and gives the biggest ROI. Your selection should be based on your type of work to ensure optimal cost of output.

At Luxoft, we build our teams with a high proportion of mid- and senior-level engineers — a combination ideally suited to difficult software projects and complex environments. We employ the best experts from around the globe and are particularly strong in the first-class area of Eastern Europe. Our approach balances capability and cost.

To find out more, download the latest BlueOptima Benchmark Report or ask our experts how a Luxoft team could benefit you.

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