Hogan health check: Illuminating the path to banking brilliance

Jun 9, 2023 by Duncan Alexander


In brief

  • A comprehensive approach to Hogan health check helps financial institutions leverage their expertise in Hogan functionality, deep Hogan experience and extensive client engagement
  • The health check optimizes Hogan system by identifying unnecessary functionalities, addressing pain points and aligning the system with the financial institution's business objectives
  • Luxoft's approach involves a detailed evaluation process, providing tactical and strategic recommendations, a clear roadmap and actionable plans for optimizing the Hogan system. The benefits include enhanced operational efficiency, targeted issue resolution and expertise-driven insights




In today's dynamic banking landscape, financial institutions are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and improve their core banking systems. Core banking plays a pivotal role in these institutions, providing essential functionalities for managing various banking processes. However, over time, this system may become burdened with unnecessary functionalities, face operational challenges and hinder growth objectives. To address these issues, Luxoft offers a comprehensive approach to Hogan health check, leveraging expertise in Hogan functionality, deep Hogan experience and extensive client engagement. This article will explore Luxoft's approach to Hogan health checks, outlining the key steps involved in the evaluation process and highlighting the benefits a Hogan health check can bring to financial institutions. 


Health check objectives and overview


The primary objective of the Hogan health check is to perform a detailed examination of the system's characteristics, enabling recommendations for general operating improvements or specific outcomes. One of the key focuses of this evaluation is identifying Hogan functionalities that are no longer required, streamlining the system and enhancing its efficiency. Luxoft's approach to health checks encompasses several important aspects: 

  • Focus on Hogan client-specific "challenge areas": Luxoft tailors the health check to address the unique challenges faced by each Hogan client, ensuring that the evaluation directly aligns with their requirements and objectives 
  • Business objectives, including significant growth objectives: The health check considers the Hogan client's business objectives, particularly significant growth objectives. By assessing the current state of the Hogan system and identifying areas for improvement, Luxoft helps financial institutions align their technology infrastructure with their strategic goals
  • Pain points: Luxoft's Hogan subject matter experts (SMEs) delve into the Hogan system to identify pain points and bottlenecks that hinder operational efficiency. These pain points serve as valuable insights for making targeted improvements  
  • Staffed by CFT's Hogan SMEs: The health check is performed by a team of experts comprising Luxoft's Hogan SMEs, who possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Hogan system 
  • Deep Hogan experience and extensive client experience: Luxoft's team brings deep Hogan experience to the table, having collaborated with numerous clients across the banking industry. This broad experience enables them to offer tailored recommendations and insights based on best practices 
  • Comprehensive recommendations: Luxoft's approach provides both tactical and strategic recommendations, enabling financial institutions to achieve short-term quick wins while also laying the foundation for long-term improvements. This comprehensive approach ensures that the recommendations are aligned with the Hogan client's specific needs and priorities 


Luxoft's approach to client Hogan core banking system evaluation


Step 1: Initiation, scoping, and planning 

The health check begins with an initiation phase, during which Luxoft confirms the overall project scope and objectives with the Hogan client's project stakeholders. To ensure a clear understanding of the project expectations, a project kick-off meeting is conducted, which also helps enlist support for the initiative. Luxoft establishes a dedicated team and work environments to facilitate seamless collaboration. Then, a thorough review is undertaken to understand the existing processing situation documentation, including any Hogan application dependencies on processing capacity, windows or performance. The work plan and schedule are then finalized in close collaboration with the Hogan client. 

Step 2: Assess current state & future state vision 

In this phase, Luxoft conducts a comprehensive assessment of the Hogan system's current state. This includes reviewing and assessing the current Hogan configuration, conducting internal interviews to ascertain the Hogan client's current state and future state vision, and analyzing the Hogan processing and procedures. Luxoft also reviews the Hogan database configuration and capacity as well as the Hogan processing windows. Additionally, we evaluate the Hogan application's dependencies on performance, capacity and processing windows. The findings from this assessment are documented, providing a clear understanding of the internal current state and future vision. 

Step 3: Define future state roadmap and direction 

With a solid understanding of the current state and future vision, Luxoft analyzes the Hogan client's data collection and validates their understanding of the input. A gap analysis is performed between the internal current state and potential future state options, identifying areas that require improvement. Luxoft documents these gaps and identifies future state needs, along with the necessary process, procedure and configuration changes. Based on this analysis, a high-level roadmap and plan are developed, outlining the steps required to achieve the desired future state. 

Step 4: Report 

The last step involves preparing a comprehensive report and recommendation based on the findings of the evaluation. Luxoft drafts the report, incorporating key insights and observations from the health check process. The findings are presented to the Hogan client, fostering a collaborative discussion to address any queries or concerns. After finalizing the report and recommendation, Luxoft provides the client with a valuable roadmap and plan for optimizing their Hogan system. 


Key project deliverables


Throughout the health check process, Luxoft produces three key deliverables to aid clients in their system improvement journey: 

Deliverable 1: Hogan client current and future state assessment 

This deliverable, presented in the form of a PowerPoint document, provides an overview of the current Hogan system's performance, procedures, processing windows and more. It identifies Hogan application dependencies on the current system's performance and highlights any gaps observed during the assessment. Additionally, Luxoft outlines internal areas of pain and suggests technology and process changes required for capacity and performance doubling. The document also highlights the most significant trends and findings, along with a high-level review of Hogan-related infrastructure. 

Deliverable 2: Hogan client roadmap and direction 

Presented as a PowerPoint document, this deliverable focuses on documenting the Hogan client's internal strategic vision, objectives and imperatives. Luxoft provides design principles for the future internal state, along with high-level business requirements and process characteristics. This report also addresses application dependency mitigation and outlines the Hogan architecture, configuration, process and procedure changes required for optimal system performance. 

Deliverable 3: Hogan evaluation final report 

In this final PowerPoint document, Luxoft summarizes the current state of the Hogan system and presents a clear picture of the future state. The report identifies the Hogan client's direction, priority and roadmap gaps, enabling them to prioritize changes effectively to reach the desired future state. Luxoft also provides detailed recommendations, a comprehensive roadmap and an actionable plan for the Hogan client to follow. 


Benefits of Luxoft's Hogan health check


  • Enhanced operational efficiency: By conducting a thorough evaluation, Luxoft helps identify and eliminate unnecessary Hogan functionalities, streamlining the system and improving operational efficiency. This leads to reduced complexity, faster processing times and improved customer service 
  • Alignment with business objectives: Luxoft's health check ensures that the Hogan system aligns with the bank's business objectives, particularly significant growth objectives. The recommendations and roadmap provided enable financial institutions to leverage their technology infrastructure to drive business growth effectively 
  • Targeted issue resolution: Through the identification of pain points, Luxoft provides targeted recommendations to address specific issues within the Hogan system. This results in improved process flows, optimized resource utilization and better overall system performance 
  • Comprehensive and strategic recommendations: Luxoft's approach offers both tactical and strategic recommendations, allowing financial institutions to achieve short-term quick wins while simultaneously planning for long-term improvements. This comprehensive approach ensures that the recommendations are aligned with the Hogan client's specific needs and priorities 
  • Expertise and experience: Luxoft's team of Hogan SMEs brings deep Hogan experience and extensive client engagement to the health check process. This expertise allows for an in-depth understanding of the Hogan system, ensuring accurate assessments and tailored recommendations 
  • Clear roadmap and plan: The deliverables provided by Luxoft offer a clear roadmap and actionable plan for optimizing the Hogan system. This enables financial institutions to implement changes systematically and measure progress effectively 




Luxoft's approach to the Hogan health check provides financial institutions with a comprehensive evaluation of their systems, enabling targeted improvements and driving operational efficiency. By leveraging deep Hogan experience, expertise in Hogan functionality and extensive client engagement, Luxoft offers tailored recommendations aligned with the Hogan client's business objectives. The strategic roadmap and plan empowers financial institutions to optimize their Hogan systems, adapt to changing market needs and achieve their growth objectives. With Luxoft's Hogan health check, financial institutions can stay ahead in the ever-evolving banking landscape. 


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