Minimize downtime risks with a Temenos core banking system health check

Feb 21, 2023 by Ian King


In brief

  • Bar the threat of ransomware, market turmoil and a recurrence of 2008, what’s the main worry that keeps bank leaders up at night?
  • Downtime. The operational curse. Persistent, unexpected blackouts depress revenue, consumer confidence and the user experience while opening up the bank to extra scrutiny and stringent regulatory fines. Financial institutions cannot afford to disturb the smooth running of their businesses. That’s why the Temenos core banking system audit has become a critical factor in performance and maintenance
  • Core banking systems coalesce with countless other systems and processes in an intricate relationship that costs a high percentage of the annual IT budget to manage. A core banking system health check uncovers weaknesses in the architecture, revealing practical ways to minimize risk, strengthen resilience and improve operational efficiency
  • Integrating a series of new products, services or functions? Running a core banking system audit would confirm whether or not everything is operating as it should. And adopting Temenos’ fully hosted solution would give you a faster time-to-market and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Download full white paper to learn more about Temenos core banking system health check:


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Ian King , Temenos Practice Director, Banking  and Capital Markets, Luxoft

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Temenos Practice Director, Banking and Capital Markets, Luxoft

Ian leads the Temenos Practice within Luxoft. He brings over 30 years of experience in many roles within Banking and Capital Markets, having worked at several large financial institutions before moving to consulting. Ian has operated in all aspects of the technology business, from infrastructure, application support and development, plus project and program management, to leading a Temenos capability of over 240 people. He is looking to grow our capabilities, bringing exceptional value to all our clients.