CES 2020 is over, and we've collected all of the highlights from the world's biggest tech show below so you can see what Luxoft announced during the show.

With the theme "Experience the Future of Shared and Intelligent Mobility, Today," together with its key partners, Luxoft showcased solutions, services and technology platforms for a fully integrated, digital consumer-grade in-vehicle experience.

Furthermore, we demonstrated our latest capabilities that focus on next-generation vehicle platforms, including accelerating autonomous drive development with Robotic Drive.

Here’s what’s new:

Luxoft HALO, Shared Mobility Concept Featuring a Revolutionary Digital, Consumer-Grade In-Vehicle Experience

Together in collaboration with LG Electronics, Amazon and Mapbox we unveiled Luxoft HALO, our latest shared mobility concept featuring a revolutionary digital, consumer-grade in-vehicle experience.

Luxoft HALO live demonstration at CES 2020. Image courtesy of Luxoft.

Luxoft HALO live demonstration at CES 2020. Image courtesy of Luxoft.

At home, consumers expect their digital experiences to be simple, convenient and accessible at any time across a range of devices. Increasingly, consumers also expect access to their favorite content and services, in the vehicle and on the go.

Luxoft HALO shared mobility concept, powered by webOS Auto, demonstrates how all consumers’ mobility needs can be seamlessly integrated with their personal digital lifestyle.

Read more at www.luxofthalo.com

A complete, highly personalized and intelligent in-vehicle consumer-gradeexperience, powered by webOS Auto. Image courtesy of Luxoft.

Luxoft and LG Electronics to Form Joint Venture to Enable Digital, Consumer-Grade Experiences in Automotive

Together with LG Electronics (LG) we announced that we will form an automotive joint venture to advance the deployment of production-ready digital cockpit, in-vehicle infotainment, rear-seat entertainment (RSE) and ride-hailing systems based on the webOS Auto platform.

The JV will bring together one of the industry's most innovative automotive software engineering providers with one of the world's leading innovators in technology and home entertainment. 

Luxoft will lead the deployment of webOS Auto platform in production-ready systems in automotive by contributing its global delivery network and its engineering at-scale delivery organization. 

Automakers and their key partners, fleet operators, and shared mobility services providers can already deploy webOS Auto to large-scale series production systems, including:

  • Digital Cockpit systems
  • Rear-Seat Entertainment (RSE) for traditional needs
  • Rear-Seat Entertainment (RSE) with ride-hailing mode
  • Cabin and center stack display for ride-hailing systems
LG Electronics and Luxoft Joint Venture Agreement Signing Ceremony, January 7, 2020 (From left) Heewon Choi (VP, SW Business PMO, LG Electronics), Jonggyu Kim (President of Zenith and SVP of LG Electronics), I.P. Park (CTO of LG Electronics) (From right) Markus Kissendorfer (SVP, Automotive Sales, Luxoft), Vildan Hasanbegovic (Director, Automotive Partnerships, Luxoft), Mikhail Bykov (SVP, Automotive Solutions, Luxoft)  

Read more at https://www.luxoft.com/pr/luxoft-and-lg-electronics-to-form-joint-venture-to-enable-digital-consumer... 

Luxoft Joins Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform Ecosystem to Accelerate Delivery of Connected Vehicle Solutions

We announced that we are expanding our collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate the delivery of connected vehicle solutions and mobility experiences.

By leveraging the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, Luxoft will enable and accelerate the delivery of vehicle-centric solutions and services that will allow automakers to deliver unique features such as advanced vehicle diagnostics, remote access and repair, and preventive maintenance. Collecting real usage data will also support vehicle engineering to improve manufacturing quality.

Read more at https://www.luxoft.com/pr/luxoft-joins-microsoft-connected-vehicle-platform-ecosystem-to-accelerate-... 

Accelerating Autonomous Drive Development with Robotic Drive

We demonstrated how DXC Robotic Drive combines platform tools and accelerators, to enable fully connected, data-driven development and validation of Autonomous Drive (AD)/ Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), for Level 3 to Level 5 autonomous functions, spanning between on-premise, cloud and embedded development environments.

Image courtesy of Luxoft.

Our Latest Solutions and Technology Innovations Developed with Our Key Partners

We showcased more than 15 new technology solutions and innovations together with our key partners, including:

1. Microsoft – Advanced Diagnostics Vehicle Solution Based on the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

A new advanced diagnostics vehicle solution based on the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, including:

  • Integrates with vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system
  • Provisioning the “vehicle”
  • Sending and receiving MCVP commands 
  • Azure-enabled cloud solution

Image courtesy of Luxoft.

2. Alexa Auto – Luxoft Smart Natural Speech Solution

We demonstrated our Smart Natural Speech Solution, including a Smart Vehicle Manual featuring intuitive conversation with the vehicle allowing the driver to ask the following questions and get immediate feedback/response:
  • "How are high beams working"
  • "How to disable airbag on passenger seat" 

Image courtesy of Luxoft.

3. Trend Micro – Self-Healing Cybersecurity Solution for the IVI Based on Android OS

A comprehensive, end-to-end cybersecurity solution for the Android OS-based IVI system, including the endpoint (system and application), network and the cloud. 

Image courtesy of Luxoft.

4. Mapbox – Vision SDK 

New front-facing Vision SDK uses the camera to describe as data every curb, lane, street sign and road hazard it sees. Now, developers can deliver precise navigation guidance, display safety warnings at the right time and easily run custom workflows for collisions and other road conditions.

Image courtesy of Mapbox.

5. Ultraleap – Advanced Augmented Reality Digital Cockpit Concept 

Advanced Augmented Reality (AR) Digital Cockpit Concept for future in-vehicle experience featuring full haptic feedback

Image courtesy of Luxoft.

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