Customer Behavior Insights Deliver Highly-Individualized Content

Increased revenue for a leading communications company by $300 million, with measured results of improved customer experiences.

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Telecommunications, Media, and Entertainment

Project Type:

Targeted Advertising


Bigger, better, and much more entertaining

The client challenged our team to improve sales, lower OPEX, and reduce churn. They needed us to create a multichannel, real-time, big-data-driven solution to deliver a menu of targeted content shaped by individual customer behavior. Which meant leveraging data from hundreds of millions of subscribers across voice, video, and high-speed internet (HIS).

There were several key challenges:

  • Attract new customers in a highly competitive market 
  • Reduce churn by improving customer retention 
  • Increasing customer lifetime value 
Establishing an agile environment, as well as improved speed and efficiency

The key approach was to replace the organization’s legacy systems: data lakes and platforms; network usage collection systems; clickstream; commerce-facing applications; content-management platforms; plus CRM- and call-center-based applications.

This was a significant challenge, as all parts of customer-facing, customer management systems were affected. To increase productivity, Luxoft integrated an agile environment for the daily data and query management. The size of our team doubled in six months and doubled again in the following six months, which led to other predictive analytics opportunities with other client groups.

Putting new trends and customer behavior patterns to work

With help from our data engineering team, the client’s team filtered out data from the data lakes and handed it over to the data scientists. They worked with owners to get the data, creating scripts to normalize it so the science team could build models to identify trends and behavior patterns.

Luxoft ran the project management office (PMO) for the entire project, which included leading the client’s internal team. Luxoft managed finance, operationalizing the system, BI, and business case development. Deployment of the system was a massive challenge as it touched every part of the customer-facing, customer-management systems. Each customer touchpoint was affected, from call center to online channels.


  • Highly complex interaction between content management and data science activities. 
  • Who owns the data – IT function or the business? 
  • Poor data quality and lack of metadata management. 

Main solution features:

  • Mapped insightful behavior patterns for each customer, leveraging multiple data lake repositories supporting voice, video, and HSI. 
  • A recommendation engine to dynamically deliver content to hundreds of millions of consumers, based on individual behavior patterns. 
  • Event correlation and decision technology to dynamically distribute content in real time. 
  • A deployment which touched so many parts of the organization and client-facing apps. 

Core technologies and platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS). 
  • Advanced analytics. 
  • Machine learning. 
  • Streaming analytics. 
  • Artificial intelligence. 
  • Data modeling techniques.  

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Innovative targeting techniques based on fresh insights and customer behaviors

Luxoft’s solution afforded a better understanding of the client and their needs, improving the customer experience significantly and enabling highly-relevant content.

Luxoft’s solution gives the client:

  • Insightful behavior patterns.
  • A reliable, scalable, single source of information on consumer behavior.
  • Better insights for product strategy.
  • Deeper insight into their customer base.
  • IImproved customer experience and a raised level of customer satisfaction.

It also helped the client’s marketing team to plan innovative campaigns based on data insights into customer behavior.

Over the last 10 years, Luxoft and our client jointly delivered over 900 successful projects and programs. During that time, we’ve developed a unique and deep understanding of the company’s processes, systems, and culture. In return, the client recognizes Luxoft’s unrivalled capabilities in data analytics, AI, cloud services, plus the telecommunications industry, not forgetting our extensive experience in targeted advertising for their market.


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