One of the world’s largest multinational technology companies challenged Luxoft with ingesting and converting variety of platforms and software (CVS, XLS, SQL, SSAS, SAP) into a data-driven visualization. This visualization needs to automatically analyze and run queries that will surface real-time status updates as well as reduce errors in manual input of data.
• The modern data platform and visualization tool automatically sourced, analyzed and published real-time insight on project status. • Migrated all data sources into Power BI allow the customers to run automatic reports by increasing the ability for the client to extract insight from all the different types of data sources. • The visualization automatically refreshes allowing employees the ability to manipulate and filter the data for better quality.
• Reduced manual input of data which resulted in decreasing manual work time by 80% and better quality of data. • Customers can now see real-time status and monthly trends from 14 systems and teams companywide. • More than 60 employees across all levels of management are now proficient in Power BI.
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