Reduce collection and loss mitigation costs by over 20%

Choose Luxoft’s industry-leading EarlyResolutionTM default management solution and improve regulatory compliance while reducing operational costs



Watch how EarlyResolution automates the entire loan default process



EarlyResolution provides a single source of truth for all loan types, channels and systems. The application’s open SaaS architecture is tailored to the needs of major lenders worldwide, operating in complex scenarios.

Furthermore, reducing your IT footprint lowers the cost of maintenance and overall ownership.


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Achieve >20% uplift in workflow efficiency


Cloud-based EarlyResolution (ER) streamlines default management by automating the entire loan default process from initial contact through underwriting to final settlement.

Solve daunting customer challenges while reducing your default operation costs and loss mitigation cycle times with this highly configurable, enterprise-class decisioning engine.

Borrowers, servicers, lenders and third parties work from the same platform, simplifying tortuous processes, ensuring consistent service and guaranteeing an exceptional customer experience.


EarlyResolution benefits



workout decisions run each year


25% – 30%

savings in call management cycle time and resource productivity


30% – 50%

workflow lift in resource and efficiency gains



reduction in decision timelines