Digital innovation leading to healthier outcomes

Luxoft is a proven leader in the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector. We develop innovative solutions for our clients leveraging strong domain knowledge, deep technical expertise and a reputation of innovation leadership across a wide range of industries including Automotive, Financial Services and Energy.

The patient is at the heart of the Healthcare industry and we architect, build and integrate advanced technologies that solve real business challenges, while creating new value propositions across the Healthcare & Life Sciences eco-system.

Combining data and new technologies, we create new products and services, optimize business performance and effectiveness, reduce the overall cost burden of different healthcare systems and ultimately improve the patient experience.

Our services include:

Digital Scientific Laboratory

Computer vision and artificial intelligence offer the possibility of automated testing and analysis in the laboratory. Research & Development labs can minimize hours of manual labor and repetitive tasks, eliminating the possibility of human error. This increases compliance, productivity and frees up researchers and scientists to dedicate their time and energy to more scientific and value-adding tasks.

Continuous Healthcare Service Delivery

Healthcare & Life Sciences companies have been slower to embrace cloud infrastructure than others. Moving away from traditional on-premises data centers to public and hybrid cloud can bring significant savings and cost-effective elasticity for managing increasingly large datasets. Migrating applications to these new environments and implementing automated maintenance processes and tools can significantly reduce the burden of managing IT landscapes.

Patient & Insured Member Monitoring

The shift from reactive to proactive healthcare starts with adopting remote monitoring and wearable technologies. IoT and significant advancements in sensor technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity for healthcare insurers, providers and pharmaceutical companies, allowing them to monitor health patterns and prevent issues before they occur. This keeps individuals out of the hospital, minimizes the risk of readmission and reduces the overall cost of healthcare. In addition, adopters can collect valuable data on patient behaviors and environmental factors in a friendly, non-invasive way.

Insights from Healthcare & Clinical Data

Pharma companies have access to unprecedented amounts of data and insights regarding population health. Traditionally, much of this information is generated through clinical programs – but access and the ability to manage and interrogate external, competitor and real-world data sets is becoming increasingly important to an organization’s survival. Healthcare insurers and large providers are also realizing the economic value to the patient data they generate and manage. Through the combined powers of artificial intelligence and sophisticated data science, businesses open up possibilities for invaluable clinical insight and brand new business models.

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