Better data for healthier outcomes

In the high-cost, low-margin world of healthcare, data helps identify gaps in care and coverage, as well as eliminate waste, minimize fraud and provide the best possible outcomes for patients. The market is characterized by a constant demand for data and faces serious challenges with data integration, management and analytics.

Luxoft partners with the world’s leading healthcare and insurance providers to improve delivery while still complying with crucial privacy and safety regulations.

Inspiring Business Change in Healthcare

Luxoft helps healthcare companies harness the power of digital to modernize their current systems, improve customer experiences and streamline operations.

Our healthcare practice is comprised of experienced professionals in both healthcare and data analytics. We understand how the industry works and see data as the key to success for competitive businesses. Our understanding of the industry’s fundamentals and regulations helps us best apply technology breakthroughs in Big Data, IoT, Information Security and Mobile to address the unique challenges facing healthcare providers.

This enables you to focus on your core business while we develop your vision through technology consultancy, product engineering, quality assurance, control and support services.

Service Throughout the Value Chain

Luxoft provides a complete range of services spanning the entire pharmaceutical and healthcare value chain.

Our offerings are focused on three key areas: 

  • Healthcare data platform
  • Healthcare analytics, quality management and reporting solutions
  • State and federal exchange implementations

Additionally, our pharmaceutical offerings include:

  • Support for commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing, sales, distribution and clinical business applications
  • Expert guidance due to exceptional experience with external and internal regulatory compliance documentation and reporting
  • Management of the development and delivery of digital marketing solutions for branded pharmaceutical web sites employing SEO, social media and analytics strategies
  • Delivery of IT applications across lines of business utilizing co-located and offshore resources

Pharma and Biotech Solutions That Work for You

In a highly dynamic, rigorously controlled and competitive market, we help leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies develop workflows that speed up product development while addressing the demands of compliance specialists and regulators.

We have been providing IT services to global pharmaceutical companies since 2001. Our team includes veteran specialists in pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, electronic data capture, compliance, documentation and workflow. Whether your project involves clinical trial reporting, manufacturing, operational services or outreach, we can develop a solution that will work perfectly in your individual culture and environment.

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