Hogan External Pricing Interface: Accelerating core banking transformation

Customer financial behaviors are changing and so must the financial institutions to adapt to those changes. Financial institutions are moving from Banking as a product and Banking as a service to Banking as a lifestyle to cater to their customers’ financial needs.

Explore how Hogan External Pricing Interface facilitates seamless data exchange between Hogan applications and external product and pricing platforms (EP&PP), streamlining core banking transformation and taking a step toward banking as a lifestyle.



Seamless integration


The HEP (Hogan External Pricing) Interface facilitates the seamless integration of Hogan applications with external product and pricing platforms, empowering banks to create innovative customer experiences and ensure smooth bi-directional data flow between the EP&PP and the Hogan applications.

Optimized data communication

The HEP Interface provides the following mechanisms to ensure seamless data communication between the external product and pricing platform (EP&PP) and the applicable Hogan applications.
Bi-directional data flow

Bi-directional interface on the one hand allows for the transmission of relevant customer, account, and transactional data from Hogan to EP&PP applications, and on the other hand receive the processed data from EP&PP and convert those to the transactions which are understood by the Hogan applications.

Bi-Directional Data Flow
Parameter overlay empowerment

Parameter Overlay interface allows the data attributes from the EP&PP to override Hogan financial processing parameters. This eliminates the need to make huge changes in Hogan business applications and gives the product and pricing control in the hands of business rather than technology…
Luxoft’s commitment to staying current with EP&PP data interchange formats ensures the realization of ongoing benefits for the Bank. By bridging the gap between Hogan applications and EP&PPs, the HEP Interface paves the way for enhanced customer experiences and streamlined product and pricing strategies.

Parameter Overlay Empowerment

Efficiency and adaptability


One of the key advantages of the Hogan External Pricing Interface lies in its ability to enable agile pricing modifications. Traditionally, implementing pricing changes in banking systems requires complex underlying configurations via product control data (PCDs), development, and testing, resulting in time-consuming and costly endeavors. However, with the HEP Interface, banks can now swiftly and effectively introduce pricing modifications without the need for extensive backend changes. This innovation accelerates the time-to-market for new financial products.

With the HEP Interface, your bank can introduce account-specific interest rate tiers and enable index-based pricing, all while ensuring security, resiliency, and availability.


Enhancing customer experiences


Flexibility and scalability form the foundation of the HEP Interface's design. You have the option to gradually introduce an external product and pricing platform, starting with one or two products and expanding as market demand dictates. The overlay process minimizes alterations to core functionality, resulting in a quicker time to market.

The HEP Interface accommodates external product and pricing platform deposit, customer, and transaction information, guaranteeing seamless interoperability. It supplies essential data streams, including customer data, associated accounts, and transaction data, enabling precise portfolio processing.

By combining the strengths of Hogan External Pricing Interface and EP&PPs, banks can navigate the complexities of the industry with confidence, delivering superior pricing strategies and exceptional customer experiences.

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