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End-to-end digital automation with Pega


As a Pega Gold Partner, Luxoft designs and implements digital process automation (DPA) solutions for business transformation via Pega's world-class case management, business process management (BPM), customer relationship management (CRM), customer service, decisioning, machine learning (ML), chatbot and robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities. 

Pega's low-code, adaptive, cloud architecture software empowers users to rapidly deploy and extend applications to meet strategic business goals and engage digital customers. 

The Pega-Luxoft partnership means transformation

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certified BPM experts for innovative technology solutions 


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See measurable benefits with Pega and Luxoft

The Pega-Luxoft partnership ensures Pega integration projects execute smoothly, development includes the most up-to-date best practices, and processes happen in the most efficient way possible. 

Become customer-centric

Pega allows you to consolidate 12 legacy, product-centric CMS and CRM systems into a single omnichannel Pega CRM solution. Relationship executives get a unified view of the customer, allowing for greater personalization and innovation in rich customer experiences. Companies can deliver seamless, frictionless service to digital customers and build the tools they need to keep them engaged with Pega integration. 

Streamline approvals

Pega solutions help companies cut application approval times from weeks to minutes by replacing manual paperwork, data entry and inquiry processes with an automated STP solution. Companies remove manual repetitive tasks and allow agents to build relationships and nurture sales sequences with the full support of automation tools. 

Rollback processing costs

Companies can reduce processing by 37% and deliver a better user experience for staff by replacing 37 legacy government systems with a multilingual, end-to-end, Pega 8 case-management system that processes 4 million documents a year with 99.99% availability. This offers astounding value to companies processing heavy document loads without increasing headcount or sacrificing quality. 

Improve sales performance

As a Pega partner, Luxoft facilitates better performance and lifecycle visibility by seamlessly pushing the best offers to customers across all inbound channels. In addition, teams can upsell offers through outbound campaigns using the Pega Customer Decision Hub and predictive analytics. This increases customer lifetime value, engages and re-engages existing customers, and builds long-term success in the market. 

Reduce operational costs

The Pega-Luxoft partnership facilitates greater efficiency by helping companies process 4½ million emails a year using the Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), ML with NLP, in combination with reference data from SAP. These solutions also support the automation of business processes such as order processing, complaints and claims. Companies increase service without sacrificing quality or engagement. 

Accelerate case resolution

Resolve more cases by reducing processing times. Pega enables companies to succeed using Pega’s RPA platform to capture case details and update case information with data from outside systems and agencies. With data consolidation, companies capture a 360 view of customers, understand customer needs, and can fix common bottlenecks. This solution puts data to work. 



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Maximize your agility and operational efficiency with Luxoft’s Pega implementation services



Enabling citizen developers to create applications without or with little coding can serve well in the following four use cases: 

  • Maximizing speed-to-value. Low-code applications can be delivered within a fraction of the time, accelerating deployment and boosting speed-to-value as a result. This also allows organizations to enhance their agility, adaptability, and resilience. 
  • Enhancing operational excellence. Low-code tools democratize workflow automation and case management within an organization. As a result, the organization becomes more agile and efficient while simultaneously improving customer and employee retention and satisfaction. 
  • Modernizing legacy systems. LCAPs can be an optimal solution for organizations that want to keep using their legacy systems but with a more modern interface, deployment methods, and integration capabilities. A low-code platform can identify reusable legacy components and connect them via an API layer. 
  • Embarking on a digital transformation journey. LCAPs streamline and democratize innovation, digitization, and automation across the organization. So, adopting one is a vital building block of a digital transformation initiative. 

As one of the top-tier Pega partners, Luxoft is in a unique position to help our clients reap the following five benefits: 

  • Enhancing customer experience. Pega can unify your multiple systems into one customer relationship management solution. With single customer view, predictive analytics, personalization, and omnichannel consistency, our clients become truly customer-centric. 
  • Accelerating approval times. Approval takes mere minutes with Pega as all the tedious and repetitive manual work, like data entry, is automated. 
  • Reducing processing costs by up to 37%. Unifying legacy applications in a single Pega case management system allows organizations to handle millions of documents a year – without incurring additional recruitment costs. 
  • Boosting sales. Pega streamlines AI-powered personalization across all channels, making marketing and upselling more effective. As a result, customer retention, lifetime value, and engagement grow. 
  • Reducing operational costs. Intelligent automation, powered by machine learning and natural language processing, speeds up order processing, complaints, and claims. Pega also mitigates the risk of human error and boosts customer satisfaction.