Luxoft unlocks Adenza’s unique operational benefits

Luxoft and Adenza provide clients across Banking and Capital Markets with Calypso and AxiomSL services  for an end-to-end platform for trading, treasury and enterprise risk, plus regulatory reporting and compliance. 


Luxoft and Adenza — an added-value partnership


In 2021, Calypso and AxiomSL combined forces to become Adenza. With 60,000 users and $25 trillion of assets under management, Adenza continues to deliver new opportunities for growth. Luxoft is a Global Adenza Alliance Partner and a market leader in the implementation, upgrade and support of Adenza Calypso and AxiomSL applications. We have been managing Adenza Calypso and AxiomSL projects successfully for more than 9 years, delivering a complete range of integrated solutions and services for developed and emerging financial markets. 




  • Subject matter experts
  • Consultancy
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Thought leadership

Project Services

  • Project frameworks
  • Project delivery
  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • Upgrades
  • Development
  • QA

Run Services

  • Managed service
  • Support
  • Nearshore delivery
  • Testing


Why Luxoft




A team of experts highly experienced in Adenza Calypso and AxiomSL managed services — run, change, test. 

>9 years

of experience

The average consultant has 9+ years of experience working with AxiomSL.



Luxoft operates in EMEA, APAC, NA regions and offers onshore, nearshore and offshore capabilities.


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Let’s discuss your Adenza integration and maintenance needs


Luxoft's Adenza and Calypso Technology offerings




Calypso Project Simplify


Benefit from working with the very latest Calypso developments via more agile, more frequent and less costly software upgrades. Keeping your version of Calypso up-to-date enables advanced computing power and significant operational benefits.



A simplified way of upgrading Calypso


Change and impact assessment largely automated
Smaller and more frequent upgrades
Automation across the breadth of the development cycle


Custom code – best practice adoption
New functionality adoption
Support for evergreening of the platform


Project accelerators


Luxoft has developed an accelerator and robust toolkit based on Adenza products to allow faster, cheaper and more efficient upgrades.



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Adenza in the cloud


Cloud-based deployments reduce implementation timelines and time-to-market. Whereas it can take months to procure and install new hardware in-house, cloud capacity can be increased in minutes.

Cloud enables the rapid development and release of capabilities via mature ITSM and DevOps integrations. Also, new Agile ways of working deliver solutions (and compliance) faster.


Migrating Calypso and AxiomSL services to the cloud

Download our Adenza in the cloud brochure and appreciate the speed, accuracy, flexibility, cost-efficiency and safety benefits of a cloud-based Adenza deployment supported by Luxoft.


Our AxiomSL practice



risk, config, and reg consultants


Axiom consultants


years’ average work in AxiomSL


years’ average of total experience


of consultants with hands-on v10 experience


of consultants are certified in AxiomSL v10


Our Axiom integration practice offers deep global regulatory coverage across 110+ regulators, 55 jurisdictions, and 5000+ regulatory filings.



Provides intelligent data integrity and a control platform with built-in lineage


Manages cross-jurisdiction complexity


Establishes proactive surveillance of global regulations


Bridges the gap between finance and risk


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News and insights

Embracing cloud in your firm’s regulatory response


Embracing cloud in your firm’s regulatory response

How would cloud improve your firm's regulatory response?


How would cloud improve your firm's regulatory response?

What’s so special about regulatory reporting projects?


What’s so special about regulatory reporting projects?



Having your Calypso solution continuously updated to the latest version allows you to: 

  • Keep your system performance consistently high — and potentially accelerate it — even as you upgrade your hardware 
  • Benefit from the latest feature updates, including freshly developed cutting-edge functionality 
  • Ensure continuous vendor support  
  • Avoid costly upgrades and big bang migration approach 
  • Leverage the enhanced user experience that is continuously improved by Calypso developers 
  • Avoid the need for extended support agreements for old Calypso versions 
  • Keep up with the latest best practices in the industry without overhauling your systems every few years 

Smart-R is an automated reconciliation tool that functions as a project accelerator, speeding up delivery. 

Smart-R helps avoid data duplicates or multiple versions of the same data entry. It works with various file formats (CSV, HTML, XML, PDF) and database queries, automatically comparing data sources across multiple databases. 

As a Global Adenza Alliance Partner with 9+ years of Calypso and AxiomSL experience, Luxoft offers the following services for Adenza software products: 

  • Adenza implementation and integration. Our Calypso and AxiomSL experts can help you migrate to an Adenza system, configure it to match your specific business needs and ensure a smooth deployment 
  • Calypso and AxiomSL upgrades. We can help you get the most out of your investment in Adenza systems by upgrading you to their latest versions 
  • Adenza product support. Our managed services experts can take care of your Adenza systems while you focus on your business. Let our Calypso and Axiom database management professionals handle maintenance, testing, support and nearshore delivery for you 
  • AxiomSL and Calypso consulting services. Our subject matter experts can advise you on how to derive maximum value out of your existing Adenza system or how to execute migration without friction 

Calypso Project Simplify is the reimagined update delivery and deployment method that’s available to users starting with Calypso v16. Once you adopt Project Simplify, software updates will be automatically deployed in small releases in monthly cycles, along with a major release every two years. 

Adopting Calypso Project Simplify allows for streamlining software updates, including security patches and functionality enhancements. With it, you avoid costly support when your current version is no longer supported by Calypso. 

Calypso Project Simplify also ensures your systems’ performance remains high and gives you access to cutting-edge features as they are released. This allows you to make the most of your investment. 

If you wish to adopt Calypso Project Simplify, you will first need a compatible Calypso version. If your Calypso version is older than v16, Luxoft experts can help you upgrade to a Project Simplify-compatible Calypso iteration using an accelerator framework and a robust toolkit. 


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