Excelian Luxoft Financial Services Successfully Delivers Calypso’s Collateral Management Platform for a Major International Investment Bank

February 24, 2017


Excelian Luxoft Financial Services is pleased to announce the second of two successful implementations of Calypso’s Collateral Management platform.

The most recent implementation saw Excelian’s Calypso team, based both on-site and in our Warsaw nearshore centre, replace IBM’s Algorithmics platform with Calypso’s collateral module 3.5.1.

The project, which was part of an extensive system consolidation programme for a major international investment bank, covered collateral for around 30,000 CSA, GMRA, Base Metals and Precious Metals trades per day.

Prakash Anthony, Head of Calypso Services at Excelian, commented that “The bank wanted to consolidate their trading platform and collateral management system under one vendor. They chose the latest version of Calypso for both activities, which will reduce their operating costs significantly, help them meet regulatory requirements, and provide system scalability for the future. Our eight-person team worked seamlessly alongside the client and the vendor to deliver a very successful project within tight deadlines.”

The project follows a similar implementation for one of Excelian’s clients in the Middle East, where an earlier version of the collateral module for CSA and GMRA was implemented. In this case, the driver for the project was the removal of manual processes that had led to issues with the pricing and reporting of certain products for collateral and the reconciliation of counterparty portfolios.

Excelian deployed an experienced team of Calypso consultants who successfully delivered the end-to-end Collateral solution in less than eight months, providing full automation for pricing while executing Collateral contracts, trade imports, confirmations, statements, and reporting.

Learn more about our Calypso capabilities here.

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