Luxoft’s innovative LuLingu app wins Best UX Apps + Driver Assistance Systems at the Car HMI Europe Awards 2022

July 22, 2022


UX/UI design team industry-leading project


Berlin, June 2022, Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company (NYSE: DXC), presented a short video of their HMI solution to the Car HMI Europe community. The audience then live-voted for the leaders and projects they deemed as showing outstanding effort in taking user interaction and UX to the next level. Luxoft’s entry, LuLingu, was awarded first place in the UX Apps + Driver Assistance Systems category.

LuLingu is an app for automotive HMI that provides real-time translation services for drivers and passengers. The services include real-time conversation translation, explanation of traffic rules, and multilingual street sign interpretation. The HMI translates to the user’s native language and can be used anywhere in the world. One of the app’s features allows it to determine which street signs might be confusing for a particular user.

In light of their success, Luxoft recognized key team members of the project for their individual contributions. The company highlighted: Christian Scheuermann for animations and camerawork; Michaela Reichert for UI design; Henrique De Aquino for UI design and acting; Alejandrina Grajales Espinosa for UI design; Lina Maslennikova for concept and text design; Natalia Fomichevav for concept; Bas Hilhorst for sketches and concepts; Tim Braun for animations and acting; and Daniel Keller for leading the project and video editing.

The LuLingu app will improve the in-vehicle experience for users of international mobility solutions. The Luxoft UX/UI team will continue to develop innovative solutions as an integral part of Luxoft — an automotive innovator that accelerates the transformation to software-defined vehicles.


About Luxoft

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Olaf Preissner
VP UX/UI design automotive

Daniel Keller
Solution architect