As digitalization continues to increase, the automotive industry must become fully acquainted with high-tech software and infotainment. Qt is gaining a lot of traction in automotive and embedded industries as the framework of choice for HMI and middleware. Luxoft is using Qt in various projects and contributing to the development of Qt itself.

We are running a blog about using Qt in automotive, which is written by our Qt experts. Take a chance to get some tips and hints and also learn about new features coming up in the future.

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Six Reasons Why We Develop The Qt Automotive Suite

Once again, Luxoft was exhibiting at The Embedded World this year. This time, we held a talk together with The Qt Company about scaling large UI development projects. This talk inspired us to reflect on the most essential values Qt Automotive Suite adds. Thinking about this, we came up with an extended list.

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When do things crystallize?...

One of the special aspects around Qt is that many things crystallize just before the next Qt developer event. Earlier, that were Qt Developer Days…

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