Automated Everything

Tap into your workforce superpowers

Empower employees and customers by harnessing advanced automation and emerging technologies that energize your digital business strategy.


Power to the people with enterprise-wide automation

Work smart, strengthen profitability and double-down on efficiency with combined AI/human teams. Make every change-the-business (CTB) dollar count. Get the best of all worlds by integrating artificial intelligence and automation to optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and create new products and services.


Your existing data is like new-business gold dust. That’s why we build such dynamic teams and innovative technologies — to create insights from that data and generate a constant stream of opportunities as well as fueling automation-driven transformation at scale.


Everything’s pluggable. Everything’s integrated. Everything’s managed.

Our Automated Everything solutions

Overcome skill shortages, increase margins and become more responsive by building teams that fuse the best characteristics of your employees with advanced and emerging technologies.


We upscale the value of your legacy assets by modernizing, connecting and automating them. And the great thing is, with fewer data silos it’s far easier to explore entirely new business models.


Automated Everything helps you launch faster, too. Are you finding that despite having the required innovation skills, your great ideas aren’t progressing as rapidly as you’d like? Automated Everything gives you the agility to validate and launch at the kind of speed necessary to create real and enduring business value.

Automated Process Discovery
Automated process discovery

Automated mining, modeling and visualization. From the outset, we apply specialized software to your transactional data to find the most effective way to maximize the return on your automation investment.

Automation nerve centers
Automation nerve centers

Automation in a box. The nerve center carries everything you need to make the necessary connections and orchestrate algorithms. It plugs in at the edge of your company network so it can run fast and start doing real, impactful work.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Strength in depth. Cognitive computing and deep-learning algorithms improve domain expertise, complex planning techniques and inferred-intent predictions.

Auto machine learning
Auto machine learning

Applied artificial intelligence studio. We took the best AI/machine-learning practices from our AI studio and built them into open-source libraries which include masses of auto machine-learning capabilities.

Robotic process automation
Robotic process automation

Roster of artificial intelligence workers. Scales up and down on demand, affording industry-specific patterns of deployment.

Open-first approach
Open-first approach

Technology and vendor neutral — no lock-ins. We make solutions easy to install, integrate and control by using open-connection standards and open-source software.

Luxoft Redefining complex training



  • Process transformation and automation
  • Org and culture change management
  • IT strategy and architecture
  • Conversational interfaces
  • Customer experience
  • Virtual and augmented experience
  • Data ingestion and organization
  • Data validation, cleansing and processing
  • AI, advanced analytics and visualization
  • Software engineering/managed agile software development
  • Integration, automation, RPA, BPA, ML and AI

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Delivering super-reliable energy


Our client, a global energy business, needed to develop a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) simulator to support 23 integration protocols and allow smooth SCADA integration for customers. We delivered system stability, optimal outage resolution and increased revenue, as well as upscaling efficiency by handling power-grid issues automatically. Here’s how.


Luxoft Redefining complex training

Why Luxoft


We incubate seed-stage projects in our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence until everyone is convinced of their value. We deliver working MVPs in a matter of weeks.


Our Automated Everything Nerve Center provides all your company needs to create a functioning automation center, in a single box.


Using open-connection standards and open-source software, our automation solutions are easy to install and integrate into existing processes.


Monitoring and reporting are core considerations. We guide clients through small proofs-of-concept and on to automation at scale.

Client success stories

From social automation that makes it safer to use public facilities, to a system of augmented intelligence that’s genuinely stronger than anything achieved by human or machine alone, we’re making businesses smarter and more efficient by creating truly awesome AI/human teams.

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