Smart Places and Things

Connected solutions that unlock growth

Turn information into insights that drive business value with connected IoT solutions.


Harness the intelligence of a connected world

Innovative, contactless technologies that meet the changing expectations of users and industries are essential to maintaining value and safety in a shifting climate.


Connecting your physical and digital worlds through the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies unlocks a vast resource of internally-generated data and helps transform your operations to boost productivity, reduce costs and increase revenue.


Whether you’re just getting started with the Internet of Things or looking to optimize your existing ecosystem with new data sources, we’ll work with you to design, build, launch and sustain data-driven, business-centric solutions that have impact at scale.

Our Smart Places and Things solutions

A pragmatic approach to IoT leads to fast, measurable outcomes. Our domain experts will develop a roadmap of flexible, technology-agnostic solutions based on your unique requirements.


From concept and delivery to integration and beyond, our multidisciplinary teams create breakthrough solutions that generate measurable value, unlock new insights, protect your business and increase revenue opportunities.

Make data an asset

Gain valuable business insights through virtual representations of your physical world, populated with real-time sensor data from smart devices.

Preserve and enhance efficiency

Reveal inefficiencies and anticipate future problems with data and advanced analytics collected from multiple sources and interpreted with machine learning and AI.

Improve safety and security

Protect customers and employees with automated and contactless processes that enhance productivity, accelerate response time and reduce risk.

Monetize data

Access fresh information streams and transform your data into insights that help you identify new value, new business models and new sources of revenue.

Luxoft Redefining complex training



  • Digital industry consulting
  • Digital business platform
  • Digital strategy
  • Product design
  • Product MVP
  • Conversational interfaces
  • UI/UX development
  • Customer experience
  • Virtual and augmented experience
  • Data strategy and science
  • Data governance and management
  • Data ingestion and organization
  • Data validation, cleansing and processing
  • Information export, integration and services
  • AI, advanced analytics and visualization
  • Software engineering/managed agile software development
  • Embedded development and test automation
  • Cloud native application development
  • Integration, automation, RPA, BPA, ML and AI

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Building a connected London with Vantage Power


With the rapid move towards greener public transport options, how can manufacturers keep up with the technologies required to meet new market demands? See how a complex telemetry system connected to over 6,000 data points helped accelerate the production of zero-emission London buses and reduced operating costs by 80%.


Luxoft Redefining complex training

Why Luxoft

Design and innovation experience

Our proven and repeatable processes, developed over 25 years of bringing digital experiences to life, coupled with ideation and innovation capabilities that drive the improvement of products and services, allow us to unlock the continual growth of your business, seamlessly and affordably.

Progressive solutioning

We work iteratively to help you achieve your business goals, interweaving both Agile and Waterfall delivery methodologies, and integrate with other Luxoft offerings and partners to guarantee the best outcome for your company.

Accelerated benefit realization

Our experts align interdisciplinary teams and stakeholders to a shared vision, roadmap and implementation framework. We reduce risks associated with complex technologies through a combination of experienced resourcing and industry-leading processes.

Client success stories

From reducing the complexity and cost of managing fleet vehicle repairs, to sensors that identify health issues before they happen, we’ve helped deliver innovative solutions that use real-time data to drive measurable value.

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