Populus Webinar Recording

Dec 12, 2017

One Vision! One Tool!
Develop, design and deploy stunning user experience for future vehicle concepts

The transition to sustainable mobility is affecting the automotive industry tremendously. The digital environment within the vehicles’ cabin and the way we interact with the car will make the difference of unique driving experience.

Shaping the future by appealing UI is not a separate question of design or development. Success is teamwork and need the right tools!

Populus Suite is a software package that streamlines the design, development and deployment of user interfaces for distributed embedded systems. It reduces the time and cost required to create high-spec full-featured HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces). Populus includes several innovative features that are unique to HMI development, removing the traditional barriers between system engineering, HMI design and implementation departments to deliver a speed and efficiency of development that’s unprecedented.

  • You can create stunning HMIs in 2D and 3D without the need for line-by-line programming, and with minimal footprints and start-up times.
  • You can prepare multiple displays, distributed systems and connected systems ready in the right format to be applied to your target architecture.
  • Every single aspect of your HMI and UX creation process, from initial prototyping all the way through to production, can be taken care of.

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