Artificial Intelligence – the question organizations need to be asking

Jun 21, 2023 by Jeroen Bet


In brief

  • In his latest blog post, Jeroen Bet, Director of Strategy at Luxoft's Smashing Ideas, argues that instead of asking how to use AI in a business, a more effective question to ask is what customer and business challenges exist and how they can be solved using any tool, AI included.
  • Drawing on his experience with Augmented Reality, Jeroen underscores that technology should be viewed as an enabler rather than a predefined solution, to avoid getting stuck in the problem-solving process. 
  • A technology-first approach can sometimes lead to inefficient solutions and even solving the wrong problems. Better outcomes can be achieved by understanding the underlying problem first, then exploring potential solutions.


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Jeroen Bet , Strategy Director, Luxoft Smashing Ideas

Jeroen Bet

Strategy Director, Luxoft Smashing Ideas

Jeroen is a strategy director with a solid background in customer experience. Over the course of his 25-year career, Jeroen has worked with companies such as Chempoint, Expedia, Costco, Amazon, and Microsoft. He has collaborated with a variety of stakeholders, including scientists, engineers, plant managers, marketers, conservationists, end-users, and business leaders. Jeroen has successfully led project teams in developing human experiences that incorporate AI and other cutting-edge technologies.