Boosting banking customer engagement with Luxoft's Boomerang solution

Jul 14, 2023 by Rebecca Hakansson



In brief

  • Rebecca Hakansson explains how Boomerang, Luxoft’s customer engagement solution, can be integrated with existing banking systems to improve customer engagement and retention
  • Boomerang provides a comprehensive 1080-degree view of the customer journey, providing real-time insights for personalized engagement
  • Find out about Boomerang’s functionalities — ranging from customer service with social media monitoring to customer analysis tools for targeted campaigns
  • Rebecca Hakansson shows how Boomerang can revolutionize the banking business by fostering lasting customer relationships and business growth



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Rebecca Hakansson , Boomerang Product Lead

Rebecca Hakansson

Boomerang Product Lead

Rebecca is a visionary Product Head with over 10 years of industry experience. Known for her ability to anticipate market trends and identify opportunities for disruptive innovation, Rebecca has consistently delivered groundbreaking products that redefine industry standards. Her strategic mindset, coupled with a deep understanding of customer needs, enables Rebecca to craft transformative product strategies that drive clients’ growth. Through her insightful contributions, Rebecca continues to shape the future of product development and inspire industry professionals worldwide.