Client-Side Interoperability through FDC3 and A New Era of Seamless Integration with Luxoft

Jul 12, 2023 by Alexander Chernushevich, Denis Ezhov


In brief

  • In this informative article, Denis Ezhov and Alexander Chernushevich delve into the significance of client-side interoperability in software development, emphasizing how the FINOS-backed FDC3 standard and, as the Lead Maintainer of the FDC3 standards, are revolutionizing the integration of diverse applications
  • We explore how Luxoft, embracing the FDC3 standard and, unites front-end technologies like React and Angular for streamlined, efficient development of desktop-like applications
  • The authors shed light on Luxoft's ground-breaking projects in the financial sector, where we have revamped and structured pre-existing projects, establishing reusable components specific to the client's systems, ensuring smooth integration


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Alexander Chernushevich , Chief Programmer, Luxoft

Alexander Chernushevich

Chief Programmer, Luxoft

Alexander’s diverse IT career began in 2006 as a full-stack developer, leading him to roles across multiple industries. With a track record of successful projects under his belt, he joined Luxoft as Chief Programmer. Alexander’s unique expertise lies in integrating back-end solutions and pioneering new technological client-server solutions. Notably, he has become adept at using, an Electron-based framework, to develop sophisticated desktop applications. Currently, Alexander plays a crucial role in building a global infrastructure based on, employing the latest front-end and back-end technologies. He also takes great pride in mentoring new teams, ensuring they are equipped to create systems capable of supporting diverse ideas and initiatives.

Denis Ezhov , Senior Software Developer, Luxoft

Denis Ezhov

Senior Software Developer, Luxoft

A seasoned software developer, Denis joined Luxoft in 2021, bringing with him extensive experience from the Financial and Security sectors. Having started his career in 2012, Denis has consistently demonstrated his proficiency with a wide array of front-end and back-end technologies, including React, Vue, Angular, NodeJS, Java, ROR, C#, and PHP. His niche lies in front-end development, with a particular emphasis on UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience), and he leverages his deep understanding of modern technologies and design principles to deliver top-tier solutions.