Revisiting the Automotive Testing Expo 2023: Highlights, demos, interviews

Jul 13, 2023 by Gregor Matenaer


This year’s Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart displayed the newest technology for testing and autonomous driving (AD) development and was packed with tons of must-see demos and presentations. If you couldn’t make it to the event, or if you didn’t have the chance to visit our booth, here’s a round-up of interviews and all the highlights we presented this year.



Test automation and remote testing


Let’s begin with our brand-new Test Automation Platform (TAP). At the Automotive Testing Expo, head of IVI testing and tooling, Luxoft Automotive, Nikolay Chertkov and his team demonstrated TAP on real test benches. The test benches were connected to a server with test nodes and operable via a web interface. The demo highlighted how the platform provides ease of automated test execution and handling.

TAP enables 24/7 automated testing at scale. It enables users to access test data from all over the world, run test benches remotely and orchestrate test cases with one click via cloud computing solutions. Learn more about TAP and its features in this video.



Nikolay Chertkov (l.) and Kirill Rozin (r.) in front of the TAP demonstrator


Interior sensing virtual validation demo


Virtual testing is a new approach in testing: Instead of collecting real-life test data — which is usually expensive and time-consuming — virtual testing allows you to create test data using photo-realistic virtual videos. Virtual testing is already a reality and Luxoft is at the forefront of the development.

Wolfgang Stolzmann, head of CoC interior sensing, showcased the virtual testing toolchain. With a live demo and his speech about Virtual validation for interior sensing, he gave deep insights into the methods and advantages of the generation of artificial test data for interior sensing systems.

For virtual testing, you only need a computer and our interior sensing toolchain; no need for tests with expensive test vehicles and measurement systems or time-consuming test drives.


Wolfgang Stolzmann (l.) showing virtual validation data for DM


Demo on end-to-end AD development and validation


Dennis Neumann, solution architect driving functions, CoC autonomous driving, presented an end-to-end demo for AD development and validation, outlining a real-life example of how customers can benefit from this approach.

The end-to-end AD demo focused on addressing the challenges OEMs and tier 1 clients face during the development and implementation of features for self-driving vehicles.

As vehicles transition from SAE level 2 to level 3 autonomy, the challenges include ensuring functional safety and liability, reducing costs and conducting continuous over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

In the end-to-end AD demo, we covered the entire development process, from requirements and design through the development of components, building and testing strategy processes. This includes adherence to quality standards (such as ASPICE, ISO 26262 and SOTIF) and cybersecurity.


Dennis Neumann on the AD end-to-end demo


Automated vehicle testing


Jonas Weyer, lead solutions architect CoC sensor system testing, demonstrated Luxoft’s capabilities for comprehensive testing services, underlined with video scenes from the proving ground.


His demonstration visualized the high level of automation we use when conducting standardized and customer-specific tests with state-of-the-art NCAP- and ADAS-focused test equipment.


The steering robot in our test vehicle on the proving ground


The Ego-mover: Data logging and processing


In his role as product owner for C.FRAME, Jonas Weyer also presented the features and advantages of our C.FRAME framework, in combination with a sensor setup on our demonstration vehicle, the Ego-mover. Equipped with two LiDAR scanners and two mono-cameras, the Ego-mover acquires environmental data that can be easily fused and visualized in C.FRAME — in real-time.

Today’s testing landscapes are often like patchwork quilts: Numerous tools and data sources have to be combined, creating effort for conversion and adaptation. Get rid of this overhead by using our C.FRAME toolchain for data acquisition and logging, online-tagging, data simulation, sensor live-calibration, time synchronicity, self-diagnostics and data reprocessing. Learn more in our blog post b-plus and Luxoft: Enablers of the Ego-mover.


Jonas Weyer presenting the Ego-mover at our booth


The journey continues


The Automotive Testing Expo has ended, but we continue to deliver: With our long-standing expertise in standardized automotive tests — such as NCAP tests — and the ability to highly automate their execution and evaluation, the whole validation process for your system can be covered by our one-stop solution. We test and validate for diverse industry standards.

If you missed the opportunity at the Expo, come and meet us at the Luxoft office in Böblingen. Take a seat in our Ego-mover and enjoy an in-depth tool demonstration. We’ll show you how easy it is to read and process data of various sensors with our C.FRAME.

Book your virtual ride here.


Gregor Matenaer , Head of System Test and Validation

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Head of System Test and Validation

In his role as Head of System Test and Validation, Gregor takes full responsibility for the main sales and project management center for advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) sensors (radar, multi-purpose camera, stereo camera and fusion platform). He has 20+ years' experience specializing in ADAS, including managing the development of a first-generation radar fusion platform at a well-known tier 1 automotive corporation. He previously co-founded the company CMORE Automotive, focusing on AI-driven development after seeing the opportunity to bring ADAS/AD development and testing to a new level.