Transforming customer experience for Gen Z: The impact of AI

Jul 31, 2023 by Allison Eisenberg


In brief

  • Allison Eisenberg explores the role of AI in reshaping customer experience for Generation Z (Gen Z), now the largest demographic, making up 30% of the population
  • Gen Z, known as “digital natives”, desire seamless, tech-driven experiences, personalized interactions, and brands that actively contribute to social causes. AI technologies can effectively address these expectations
  • Businesses are leveraging AI for personalized marketing, quick response times and social media integration, which Gen Z appreciates. However, over-automation and privacy issues are potential pitfalls that need careful handling
  • A deep understanding of Gen Z’s expectations and preferences is critical for businesses to implement the right AI solutions and ensure a meaningful, impactful customer experience


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Allison Eisenberg , Intern, Luxoft Smashing Ideas

Allison Eisenberg

Intern, Luxoft Smashing Ideas

Allison Eisenberg is a sophomore student at Columbia University, Barnard College, pursuing a major in Information Science. Currently interning at Luxoft, she brings a passion for design thinking to her work. With a proactive and resourceful approach, Allison has gained valuable hands-on experience in the industry. Her dedication to continuous learning drives her to seek innovative solutions to complex problems. Allison’s interest in bridging the gap between technology and human experience reflects her commitment to making a positive impact in her future endeavors.