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Global Content Management System for Sony Pictures Television

Delivering digital content to more than 100 websites in 22 languages worldwide

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A single, cohesive enterprise content management system

Consolidating and streamlining content

Sony Pictures Television, a major television network business, had a challenge: with websites all over the world, the time it was taking to localize programming and advertising in each market was consuming too many resources, not to mention diluting the value of the brand. To add complication, each local market had its own set of programming and advertising needs. Seeking a solution that could consolidate and streamline digital content delivery, executives at the network enlisted our team to help them design and create a content management system (CMS) to deliver global programming and advertising to local markets, ultimately delivering digital content all over the world.

Supporting over 100 websites in 22 languages worldwide

Smashing Ideas, the design and innovation arm of Luxoft, developed a single, cohesive digital content delivery system that empowered country/region content managers to extend their administrative power and advertising reach. This new content delivery platform supports more than 100 websites in 22 languages worldwide, as well as enables connections to all 11 major social networks through a third-party service. The platform provides site managers with the flexibility to add registration, sharing, and activity feeds with ease, which allows for social networking that is directly relevant to their markets. 

Built with an eye towards the future, the content delivery platform continues to grow far beyond the initial offering, and is powering second-screen applications for additional/related content (accessed simultaneously on tablets/phones while watching a program), subscription video-on-demand, and TV everywhere experiences. Our client now has a means for timely digital content delivery. 

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Engaging with their customers, no matter where they are

With a reliable CMS implementation, our client receives the following benefits: 

  • he new content delivery system gives site managers a consistent design with layouts that are easily customized per country and region. Now, countries all over the world can deploy customized websites in 6 weeks or less. 
  • Promotional content for new shows can be created once and syndicated across all regions in minutes. 
  • Over the course of a year, the television network replaced all existing outdated sites with new sites from this unified enterprise content management solution. 
  • An improved user experience, advertising kit, and administrative controls enables the content delivery platform to deliver broadband content across native mobile and desktop applications from one source, allowing the network to engage with their customers no matter where they are. 


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