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Enabling banks to deliver excellence to their customers through rapid deployment of products, while meeting regulatory requirements

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The Bank of the Future is Here


Flexible and Personalized

Digital banking services where and when clients need them—online and off.


Complete, omnichannel services

Clients can rely on consistent experiences whichever channel they prefer


More efficient services

Clients receive faster resolutions through self-service and automation


AI & machine learning support

AI/ML enabled solutions learn customer preferences and anticipate needs


Scalable & disruption-resistant

Clients experience fewer service interruptions and greater resilience

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Luxoft enables banking of the future


Connected Bank is an innovative, elastic, and cloud-agnostic BaaS solution. It allows banking organizations of any size to leverage best-in-class technologies, software and operations, transforming how they do business.

With Connected Bank, Luxoft enables clients to provide excellent service and market-leading products for their customers. Customers decide how to engage through a seamless omni-channel experience while banking organizations benefit from collaborating with a trusted BaaS provider by receiving comprehensive insights and analysis back into the business.

Luxoft’s Connected Banking features

A single unified platform

Offering a connected foundation to simplify services and provide consistency across all customer touchpoints.

Configurable and scalable

A complete retail or corporate banking as a service solution that evolves with the organization, easily and effectively.

Cost and technical debt reduction

An elastic commercial framework that reduces operational costs and the cost of maintaining technologies.

Software-as-a-Service enabled

A managed, end-to-end solution using leading-edge, multicloud partners with AI and ML capabilities throughout.  

Rapid deployment and continuous iteration

New products or services built and launched in as few as 3 months— complete ITO or BPO in as few as 12 months.


Benefits of connected banking solutions


  • Flexible and iterative implementation. Connected Bank can run alongside existing solutions and is highly configurable to the specific ecosystem it’s part of
  • Connected Bank reduces time-to-value for new services by leveraging automation and Agile deployment
  • Single customer view provides a comprehensive profile of customers wherever and however they interact, enabling better informed, strategic decision-making
  • Complete and comprehensive security capability provides end-to-end protection


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