Empowering banking professionals with Hogan Academy: A comprehensive learning experience

Nov 17, 2023 by Laura Devilliers, Arthur Wilson


In brief

  • Hogan Academy's unique self-learning platform, both accessible and flexible, is enabling banking professionals across the globe to get the very best from Hogan
  • Discover how modern banking is well served by the Hogan core banking system: Scalable, modular and dependable, making it the go to platform for global and regional banks
  • Ever wondered how critical training's role is in the banking industry? If you are looking to maximize efficiency, compliance, security and success : Training is the key



In today's rapidly evolving banking industry, staying competitive and excelling in the financial sector requires continuous learning and upskilling. One of the pivotal tools that financial professionals can leverage for their growth and success is Hogan Academy. Hogan Academy is an innovative self-learning platform developed by Luxoft, designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the banking industry.


Hogan core banking system — a solid foundation


Before delving into the features and advantages of Hogan Academy, it is essential to understand the significance of the Hogan core banking system itself. Hogan serves as a core banking system widely adopted by financial institutions worldwide, it includes over 50 banks which handle $5 trillion in deposits annually. Hogan offers a multitude of advantages that make it an attractive choice for banks of all sizes.

1. Scalability: Hogan is highly scalable, ensuring it can grow with your financial institution's increasing needs, regardless of whether you are a community bank or a multinational institution

2. Modularity: With its modular architecture, Hogan allows banks to customize the system to fit their specific business processes, enhancing flexibility and adaptability

3. Integration: Hogan excels in seamlessly integrating with other systems and technologies, making it an ideal choice for banks with a diverse set of systems in place for various functions

4. Stability and reliability: Renowned for its stability and reliability, Hogan is designed to manage large transaction volumes, providing uninterrupted service essential for 24/7 operations

5. Comprehensive functionality: Hogan offers a wide range of banking functionalities, including core operations and online and mobile banking capabilities, making it suitable for delivering modern banking services

6. Regulatory compliance: Hogan is equipped to help banks meet various regulatory requirements, supporting the implementation of necessary controls and reporting mechanisms

7. Customer-centric approach: Hogan focuses on enhancing the customer experience by enabling personalized services and providing insights for tailoring services to individual needs

8. Real-time processing: Hogan supports real-time transaction processing, ensuring transactions are processed instantly, a crucial aspect of modern banking

9. Cost-efficiency: Despite initial implementation costs, Hogan is known for its long-term cost-efficiency, with scalability and reliability reducing operational costs

10. Vendor support: Hogan comes with ongoing support from Luxoft, including updates, patches, and issue resolution to ensure smooth operations

To take full advantage of Hogan’s extensive capabilities, it is essential to train your staff accordingly, how better to do that than through the very people who know the product best, Luxoft, creator and curator of Hogan.


Luxoft’s Hogan Academy — a transformative learning experience


Let us explore how Hogan Academy complements the Hogan core banking system to empower banking professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the banking industry.

Accessible and flexible learning

Hogan Academy offers participants the freedom to learn at their own speed through a self-paced curriculum. With pre-recorded sessions, participants can access training materials when it is suitable for them, ensuring a flexible and convenient learning experience.

Comprehensive learning approach

To ensure structured learning, Hogan Academy provides courses with a fixed duration of access, encouraging a focused and disciplined approach. Self-study exercises and course assessment tests validate comprehension, assess progress, and identify areas for improvement. Participants can revisit specific chapters or entire courses for focused review.

Interactive engagement and support

Hogan Academy prioritizes personalized support. Participants have access to Hogan Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who provide guidance and clarification, fostering an engaging and collaborative learning environment. Live question and answer sessions enable participants to delve deeper into specific topics and gain insights from industry experts as well as having a dedicated email inbox.

Concise and engagingTraining session information is easily digestible, with clear explanations to aid retention. Hogan subject matter experts (SMEs) provide guidance and clarification to enhance the learning experience.
Live question-and-answer sessionsOur live Q&As encourage knowledge sharing and provide valuable industry insights. The team promptly answers submissions via monitored email, adding to an already engaging and collaborative learning environment.
Cost savingsThe Academy saves you money by conserving valuable resources (e.g., eliminating in-person training and travel expenses). Learners access material when it suits them, benefitting from cost-effective, quality professional development.


Hogan Academy stands as a testament to Luxoft's commitment to enabling continuous learning and skills development in the banking industry.


Our current Hogan Academy offerings include:

  • ILP functional
  • Umbrella Overview For Business Analysts
  • Umbrella Application Programming
  • CIS Functional
  • CIS Technical
  • IDS and FSS Functional
  • IDS and FSS Technical

These offerings ensure that we cover the entire scope of the Hogan platform, thus ensuring that the clients we provide training for are able to extract maximum returns from their investments in Hogan and from the people they have chosen to train.

Some of our clients have already enrolled their staff in Hogan Academy and we have seen a number of successes. With this in mind, we would like to extend our congratulations to the most recent graduates from five of our Hogan clients. After diligently following their chosen courses, those studying have passed their Level 1 certification in the following disciplines:

Umbrella Application Programming9 students
CIS Functional6 students
CIS Technical5 students
IDS Functional5 students
IDS Technical4 students


We look forward to welcoming them back to Hogan Academy to take the next steps in their Hogan journey.

Example of the certification levels


Future course offerings

Planned Hogan Academy offerings include:

ILP Technical (First Quarter 2024)


Why is training so important to the banking industry?


Training plays a vital role in ensuring the effectiveness and success of individuals using core banking systems like Hogan. Here are several reasons why training is critically important:

1. System familiarity: Training helps users become familiar with the system's interface, navigation and functionality, essential for efficiently performing day-to-day tasks

2. Efficiency and productivity: Well-trained users navigate the system more efficiently, reducing the time required to complete tasks and this increases productivity. Users are enabled to help themselves, reducing their dependency on experienced users who are working on critical tasks

3. Error reduction: Training reduces the likelihood of errors in financial transactions, contributing to accurate and compliant operations

4. Compliance and security: Users trained in compliance and security protocols help banks adhere to regulations and maintain data security

5. Customer service: Knowledgeable staff can provide excellent customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty

6. Adaptation to updates and changes: Training keeps users updated with the latest features and functionalities, and helps them adapt to system changes

7. Optimal utilization: Training ensures users can utilize all features, unlocking additional benefits within the system

8. Cross-training: Cross-training employees ensures operational continuity in larger banking institutions

9. Problem solving: Well-trained users can troubleshoot system issues effectively, leading to quicker problem resolution


Hogan Academy, along with the Hogan core banking system, takes into account all these factors to empower banking professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the ever-changing banking landscape. The ongoing training and support provided by Hogan Academy contributes to the efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction of banking operations. Training is a vital investment for banks and financial institutions, ensuring staff have the skills and knowledge needed to operate the system effectively. With Hogan Academy, banking professionals can embark on a transformative journey of growth and success in the ever-dynamic world of banking.

Welcome to Hogan Academy!


Laura Devilliers , Global Program Manager – Hogan Product Development and Support

Laura Devilliers

Global Program Manager – Hogan Product Development and Support

Laura manages the Hogan product development and support teams. She has over 30 years Hogan experience in technical, business and management roles. Laura has successfully managed several CAMS software implementations as well as data conversions for CAMS, CIS, RPM and IDS. Her primary focus is to enhance and modernize our Hogan Applications and continue developing our training program for new Hogan talent.

Arthur Wilson , Senior Project Manager – Hogan Core Banking

Arthur Wilson

Senior Project Manager – Hogan Core Banking

Art manages a global Hogan Application Development and Support team for CIS, FSS, IDS, ILP, and RPM.
He has 40 years of Hogan experience. He has performed in many roles including analysis, testing, development, conversion, and project management.

Laura Devilliers , Global Program Manager – Hogan Product Development and Support

Laura Devilliers

Global Program Manager – Hogan Product Development and Support

Arthur Wilson , Senior Project Manager – Hogan Core Banking

Arthur Wilson

Senior Project Manager – Hogan Core Banking