How does Luxoft’s Hogan Academy get you where you want to go?

Hogan Academy puts you in the driving seat

The Hogan Academy is a self-learning platform where clients can train their teams. Luxoft offers a flexible curriculum, covering the full range of Hogan services while avoiding costly in-person training sessions and travel expenses.



Flexible learning experience


Our training curricula are designed to create a flexible and convenient learning experience. They feature self-paced courses over a fixed duration, including pre-recorded classroom sessions, self-study exercises, course assessment tests, supporting handbooks and quick reference guides for each course. Also, you'll have free access to Hogan subject matter experts for questions, comments and follow-ups via a dedicated email inbox during our series of live and lively Q&A sessions.


Develop team skills with Hogan Academy

Bring your teams up to speed on Hogan with Luxoft’s self-learning platform. Let them learn at their own pace with lively, pre-recorded classroom sessions, self-study exercises and support from Hogan SMEs. Avoid costly in-person training sessions and travel expenses. Take a look at Hogan Academy’s structured learning experience for yourself here:

Academy courses

Current Academy courses cover a wide range of Hogan-related topics, equipping participants with the skills necessary to navigate Hogan intricacies, including:


Umbrella Application Programming

CIS Functional

CIS Technical

IDS and FSS Functional

IDS and FSS Technical

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Structured learning


Hogan Academy champions structured learning. Our self-paced courses encourage a focused and disciplined approach, enabling participants to progress quickly and systematically. We go beyond passive learning, incorporating self-study exercises that help students apply newly acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios. During their assessments, learners review comprehension, check progress and identify areas for improvement. Added resources like handbooks and quick reference guides provide invaluable ongoing support.

Engagement and support


Concise and engaging

Training session information is easily digestible, with clear explanations to aid retention. Hogan subject matter experts (SMEs) provide guidance and clarification to enhance the learning experience.


Live question-and-answer sessions

Our live Q&As encourage knowledge sharing and provide valuable industry insights. The team promptly answers submissions via monitored email, adding to an already engaging and collaborative learning environment.


Cost savings

The Academy saves you money by conserving valuable resources (e.g., eliminating in-person training and travel expenses.) Learners access material when it suits them, benefitting from cost-effective, quality professional development.


It pays to partner with Luxoft


Thank you for choosing Luxoft’s Hogan Academy as your prime resource for in-depth Hogan training. Our coaching team is fully committed to realizing your true potential while ensuring you acquire the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to succeed in the banking industry.