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How Hogan transforms banking development

Luxoft’s Hogan Managed Services offering is reshaping how banks operate. Explore key challenges and capabilities that make Hogan Managed Services the preferred pathway to improved efficiency, seamless collaboration and knowledge management. 





Adapting to developmental change in banking


The ever-changing nature of bank development highlights the need for increasingly agile and efficiently governed processes. Hogan Managed Services focuses on developing end-to-end operating models, building out critical business requirements, ensuring SLA compliance and nurturing a governance culture. Here’s how this transformative approach empowers banks to embrace change and drive their operations forward. 

Hogan Managed Services

Experience the transformative power of Hogan Managed Services—an innovative and meticulously crafted solution that streamlines your business operations, maximizes efficiency, and boosts productivity within the dynamic and thriving landscape of today's business environment.


Guiding principles



Transforming core capabilities


Hogan Managed Services encompasses a wide range of capabilities that drive successful transformation. From project and technology to change, quality and document management, these key enablers ensure a smooth transition from a traditional management approach to Hogan Managed Services. We emphasize the significance of effective collaboration and cross-functional and autonomous work teams, highlighting how they encourage innovation, efficiency and better business outcomes. 


Partnerships for success


Establishing strong client/service provider partnerships is a must-have, including clearly defined roles, mutual agreement, aligned responsibilities and regular communication. We explore the journey banks can undertake, from initial staff augmentation to project-based initiatives and on to a comprehensive managed services model. This progression helps banks maximize the benefits of Hogan Managed Services at their own pace, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to existing processes. 


Services and benefits

Hogan Managed Services provide a wide range of beneficial services that revolutionize the operational landscape, enabling banks to embark on transformative journeys and reimagine their approach to banking. 

Adaptive Maintenance Services

Ensure continuous adaptability to meet evolving business requirements. Stay agile and responsive in a rapidly changing market. 

Application Enhancement and Upgrade Service

Optimize the functionality and performance of Hogan applications, improving efficiency and enhancing UX. 

Corrective Maintenance Services

Vital support to ensure system stability and reliability, promptly resolving bugs and other issues. 

Development Environment Management Services

Proactive identification and resolution of potential issues vital for maintaining business continuity. 

General Application Support Services

With general application support services, banks can rely on expert assistance handling routine operations effectively. 

Minor enhancements

Small-scale improvements enable banks to optimize processes and streamline workflows. 

Perfective Maintenance Services

Helps to continuously fine-tune Hogan application performance and usability, delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

Preventive maintenance

Proactive identification and resolution of potential issues vital for maintaining business continuity. 


Development catalysts


Hogan Managed Services are catalysts for transformative success. Our in-flight transformation support ensures a seamless journey for banks as they adapt to market demands and redefine operations. Through optimizing infrastructure and embracing modernization initiatives, banks gain the competitive edge needed to thrive in the digital era. Hogan Managed Services buries complexity and boosts sustainable growth, revolutionizing bank operations while positioning them for long-term success. 


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