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Financial IT software development services

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Core banking solutions

Keep your core banking applications running smoothly and maximize their business value with our optimization, modernization and transformation services. 

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Hogan services

Maximize this core banking solution’s performance, efficiency and return on investment with Luxoft, Hogan’s creator and custodian. 

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Connected bank

Leverage best-in-class technology to deliver outstanding CX while ensuring compliance and scalability with Luxoft’s cloud-agnostic, subscription-based financial services solution. 

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Enhance your flexibility, resilience and customer experience quality with Luxoft’s SaaS-based default management platform. 

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Luxoft wealth practice

Deliver excellent CX for new-age investors with outstanding digital experiences and modern wealth investing solutions tailored to their needs. 

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CAMS II services

Streamline card issuing, processing and management with CAMS II, a leading multi-tenant real-time processing solution. 

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Bespoke engineering and tech advisory

Enhance your project with our decades-long experience in the industry, complex problem-solving skills and unrivaled technical expertise in delivering financial services IT solutions. 

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Trading and risk management solutions

Optimize your operational model for efficiency and gain a competitive edge with Luxoft’s bespoke and SaaS financial services solutions. 

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Client lifecycle management solutions

Maximize customer retention and lifetime value with CLM and KYC solutions tailored to your business goals. 

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Regulatory technology solutions

Facilitate and streamline compliance by implementing reconciliation, regulatory reporting and real-time liquidity management solutions. 

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Treasury solutions

Maximize operational efficiency and simplify your internal systems with our treasury IT solutions for financial services. 

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Swiss bank digital transformation: A case study

Harmonizing, adapting and rolling out a CLM and KYC solution on a global scale.

Our partner network

Luxoft’s diverse global partnerships with leading financial services solution vendors allow us to deliver comprehensive integration, customization, support and consulting services. 









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Asset managers

Consumer lending

Corporate treasury

Hedge funds

Investment banking

Market infrastructure

Retail and commercial banking

Wealth managers and private banks


Your reliable financial IT services partner


Armed with over four decades of industry experience, Luxoft is fluent in complex problem-solving for mission-critical projects. From ensuring data security to implementing cloud storage, our diverse technical expertise in IT in financial services allows us to pinpoint the right technologies and solutions for every client’s unique needs.

We’d be honored to lend you our expertise to help you gain or retain market leadership, deliver impeccable customer experiences, improve operational efficiency and optimize IT spending. 


Why Luxoft

Unrivaled industry-specific technical expertise

For decades, we have been a trusted partner in modernization and digital transformation for BCM clients. Our in-depth technical expertise allows us to design outstanding digital experiences, optimize solutions for cost efficiency and solve the most complex business challenges. 

Decades of domain experience

With 45+ years of experience under our belt, we have accumulated a broad domain knowledge that few can match. It powers our intricate understanding of underlying business processes, needs and goals — the key to finding the right solution for every client. 

Diverse global partner network

Our partnerships with top-tier vendors allow us to pinpoint, integrate, tailor and support leading financial services solutions for our clients. This translates into effective legacy system management and modernization and an optimal ROI that you benefit from. 

Bespoke approach to every client

Every enterprise is unique, and we approach it as such. We employ our in-depth technical expertise and creative problem-solving skills to find solutions that meet your needs. As a result, our clients achieve their goals and grow business value. 


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How Luxoft minimizes downtime by optimizing Temenos core banking systems


How Luxoft minimizes downtime by optimizing Temenos core banking systems

Digital transformation in banking: It’s time


Digital transformation in banking: It’s time

Revolutionizing regulatory reporting for a Japanese bank

Case studies

Revolutionizing regulatory reporting for a Japanese bank






Financial IT services span all services targeting the IT infrastructure of financial service businesses, typically provided by an external partner. They can include: 

  • System maintenance and support 
  • Legacy system modernization 
  • New application integration 
  • System updates and improvements 
  • Issue resolution 
  • IT project and strategy consulting

The supported infrastructure in the banking and capital markets can include core banking applications, treasury and real-time liquidity management platforms, regulatory automation systems and more. 

While similar to IT services for other industries, financial IT services come with particular challenges. The banking and capital markets industry is heavily regulated, so compliance must sit at the core. Financial service businesses must also follow an enhanced data security strategy. 

The right financial IT services partner should meet the following criteria: 

  • Understanding the industry's specific challenges: Compliance in various jurisdictions, data security peculiarities, legacy system issues and so on 
  • Having an established presence in the industry and a proven track record of providing financial IT services to businesses like yours 
  • Being fluent in the best cybersecurity practices, such as identity and access management, intrusion detection and response, and KYC and AML protocols 
  • Having a wide partner network that includes leading tech vendors in the finance industry 
  • Working with an engagement model that meets your needs (e.g., staff augmentation, managed services) 
  • Being ready for a years-long commitment when discussing your needs 

In the financial services industry, IT challenges are plentiful. Here are just some of them: 

  • Minimizing the risk of data breaches 
  • Keeping up with regulations in multiple jurisdictions as they evolve 
  • Staying ahead of the emerging fintech competition and retaining customers 
  • Maintaining outdated, rigid and hard-to-scale legacy systems 
  • Consolidating mountains of data from various channels and turning it into valuable insights 
  • Keeping systems flexible and scalable and meeting customers’ expectations toward their performance 
  • Introducing innovative features and financial products 
  • Reducing time to market for new features 
  • Optimizing IT spending for cost efficiency

Overcoming these challenges requires solid technical expertise and profound domain knowledge. If one or several resonated with you, Luxoft is your trusted financial IT services partner. Contact us to discuss how we can help you overcome your challenges. 

Financial IT services can help businesses gain or retain market leadership by: 

  • Streamlining and automating internal processes, thus enhancing their operational efficiency 
  • Improving system performance, scalability and reliability, in order to deliver better customer experiences 
  • Reducing time to market for new digital products and features, thereby facilitating innovation 
  • Mitigating the risk of data breaches, to avoid reputational losses associated with cybersecurity failings 
  • Modernizing legacy systems, enabling a reduction in IT spending dedicated to their maintenance and mitigating associated cybersecurity and scalability risks 
  • Standardizing processes and streamlining regulatory reporting, boosting compliance 

If you’d like to reap these benefits, Luxoft would be honored to lend you a hand. Contact us to discuss how we can help you remain competitive in a software-defined world. 


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If you’d like to reap these benefits, Luxoft would be honored to lend you a hand. Contact us to discuss how we can help you remain competitive in a software-defined world.