Global Publishing Solutions for the Digital Landscape

Luxoft helps global media, publishing and advertising companies – large and small – adapt to the demands of the digital age and capitalize on new opportunities. We deliver proven software solutions across the entire value chain to help you optimize digital content and assets to promote integrated and intuitive discovery, management, workflow, insight and licensing.


Ready for Every Digital Challenge

At Luxoft, we have been able to establish long partnerships with our clients to unleash the potential of new technologies and simplify the way their digital content and assets are stored and managed.

We facilitate collaboration and distribution between consumers by encouraging the re-use and re-combination of purchased content, driving new products and revenues. We can then ensure partners connect the right content with the right audiences and provide targeted, effective services through data insight and semantic analysis.

To boost efficiency, Luxoft makes it simple to distribute content through various channels while streamlining your editorial and publishing processes. We foster the improvement of technology, business, and marketing models through digital transformation to better engage audiences and make sure partners are protected from business information misuse, intellectual property theft and privacy leaks.

Six Ways to Transform Content

We deliver 6 key services that can either stand alone or integrate together for a complete end-to-end content solution:

Content and Digital Asset Management Systems development to help you access and manage your digital resources quickly and easily.

Multi-Channel Publishing Allows any platform or device to facilitate real-time delivery of granular content in dynamic, responsive and revolutionary ways.

Workflow Management Minimizes operational complexity and empowers each role within the publishing chain to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Digital Rights Management Enterprise-level content security that promotes control of your intellectual property and ensures regulatory compliance – particularly with Alfresco products.

Data Insight and Semantics Analyzes user data and provides intelligence-led recommendations to connect the right content with the right audiences and deliver targeted, effective services.

Enterprise Search Ensures assets can be found, filtered and managed through powerful, context-based search and discovery tools.

Keeping You Ahead of the Media Pack

Our outstanding expertise in digital media helps clients utilize digital technology to leverage legacy content and produce valuable new product offerings.

Content is our core competency and we know how to manage, convert and store it in the most efficient ways. Combining this with a strong base of digital media experts and UI/UX engineering driven by innovation allows us to provide managed services that help you oversee your digital content.

Our deep experience in all complementary technology domains, including Cloud, IoT and Mobile, ensure we can help shape futureproof solutions whenever you’re ready to take the next step. Mobile, in particular, is a key delivery channel for all content. We bring native development expertise across all platforms and technologies, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Smart TV, HTML5, PhoneGap and Xamarin.

Our flexible engagement models with minimal overheads and fast reaction times make us the ideal single partner for all your digital business needs.

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