Revitalize your product design and development cycle

Launch and sustain products with impact, at scale

Create products and experiences that transform users into brand champions and unlock new revenue.


Transformative solutions that generate surprising new value

In an increasingly complex and competitive business landscape, each new product and service has to deliver exceptional user experiences and intense, measurable impact. However, if you’re missing the necessary heavyweight design and development skills, integrated systems, or data managed as a business asset, you’re bound to fall short.

Drawing on deep product-design expertise and multifaceted software engineering capabilities, we help clients conceive, build, launch and scale intelligent digital products and services right across the enterprise ecosystem.


Our product design and development solutions

Continuity across product strategies is a major contributor to the coordinated development of breakthrough solutions. Luxoft assists in aligning design thinking with lean, Agile and DevOps methods, increasing productivity, and improving decision-making, creating extra business value through the integration and in-depth analysis of multiple-source data.

Our multidisciplinary teams share a profound understanding of human-centered design and the need for speed. So, we set up an Agile framework for project development which allows experienced scrum teams to validate propositions and generate technical PoCs and MVPs at pace. This ensures that viable solutions reach users much faster.

We help you cultivate brand affinity with intriguing and effortless experiences that leverage data to anticipate needs, enrich interactions and grow customer trust. Our teams deliver technically feasible, user-centered solutions at scale, that differentiate your business and release value.

How we help our clients


Transform customer experiences

Design and build personalized, omnichannel experiences that increase loyalty, revenue and market share


Redefine employee experiences

Empower employees with intuitive systems and processes that foster engagement and productivity


Create new products and services

Launch UX-enhanced products and services across mobile, web and connected devices


Scale design capabilities

Develop the skills, mindsets and repeatable processes needed to help internal teams lead their own custom innovation practice

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