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Luxoft’s Smashing Ideas team designs human-centric digital strategies that help you
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Human-centered digital transformation


Our experienced Smashing Ideas team of domain, business design and technology experts collaborate with you as an active partner. The team meets you where you are on your digital transformation or progressive journey and empowers people-first digital strategies that help define and deliver solutions faster, creating experiences your customers expect. As customers’ and employee expectations grow, meaningful experiences that motivate and engage users emotionally are vital for building and maintaining customer loyalty.


Smashing strategies and solutions


To help your business achieve its ambitious goals, we conduct design-thinking workshops as an invaluable aid to progress. The workshops incorporate everything from research and data insight to in-lad and at-home user testing, focus groups, reports, dashboards and testing. Such a meticulous approach allows Smashing Ideas’ experts to work in sync with you, creating holistic, end-to-end solutions that drive value and deliver exceptional experiences.


Smashing Ideas overview


Transformational roadmap

Draft clear, actionable strategic plans based on stakeholders' input


People-centered operations

Evolve the operational strategy to support employees


Develop modern products

Come up with new value propositions with guaranteed viability


Maximize business agility

Promote internal design thinkers in support of innovation capabilities


Motivational UX™:

Nine principles, one goal


Based on your unique goals and business needs, each of the nine outcome-oriented principles is, in turn, emphasized or downplayed by the Smashing ideas team to ensure we're creating the optimal human-centered solution for your unique situation. These Motivational UX principles also form the ideal framework for brainstorming and helping digitally fluent teams increase their levels of innovation.


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Product design and development

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