You’ve found the network edge

How do you continuously innovate in a fiercely competitive market where operating margins are tight and customer demands evolve quickly? For modern network challenges such as video, mobility and the need for real-time communications has prompted network equipment vendors and service providers to look to Luxoft for the best engineered solutions.

Software Defined Networking

SDN represents an abrupt technology shift. As a new, flexible approach to networking that inserts a vendor-agnostic interface between data and control planes, innovation in networking solutions is now accelerated.

Luxoft is at the forefront of SDN. From initial proof-of-concepts to large-scale deployments, we offer highly efficient and scalable engineering services for telco equipment vendors, enterprises and network operators.

By partnering with Luxoft you can:

  • Accelerate time-to-market by leveraging Luxoft’s SDN expertise
  • Reduce engineering costs by utilizing Luxoft’s frameworks for development and test automation
  • Scale quickly and efficiently with Luxoft’s engineering and deployment services

Luxoft’s services include:

  • SDN consulting and network design
  • Proof-of-concepts and network trials
  • Hardware design support for SDN / VNF
  • System test and deployment
  • Test automation platform services
  • Click to learn more about Twister, an open source test automation platform for SDN networks

Voice Infrastructure

Luxoft works closely with IP and digital voice telephony equipment and cloud vendors in delivering development services for a wide range of voice infrastructure products. We specialize in creating voice product solutions, including embedded software development and continued sustainment of code bases, as well as voice and data architecture design.

Luxoft’s talented engineers deliver expertise that generates significant ROI through:

  • Reduced development cycle times
  • Transformed systems into unified voice and date infrastructure
  • Cost-effective, on-demand scalability

Services we offer include:

  • Embedded software development
  • Application software
  • Sustaining engineering services
  • Cloud services design
  • System test
  • Test automation
  • Customer support

Our extensive experience covers:

  • PBX phone systems
  • IP Telephony
  • SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)
  • H.323 Architectures
  • Unified Communications
  • Voice Gateways
  • Branch Office Solutions
  • Cloud Computing Services (Virtual PBX)
  • Simulators

L2/L3 Frameworks

Luxoft’s in-house R&D group was assembled to address the rapid and continuous technological changes in the telecom and network services industry.

Our engineers know that new technologies are critical to survival in today’s business environment. They develop networking and data communication frameworks that fit current business requirements but are forward-looking and ready for future needs too.

Furthermore, our R&D group has developed frameworks that are easily customized to fit the unique needs of the new and updated products of our telecom and network services clients, significantly reducing their time-to-market and overall development cost:

  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) Infrastructure
  • Ethernet Switching

Wireless Infrastructure

Luxoft has an exceptional track record of developing dependable and advanced wireless architectures that cost-effectively meet the needs of telecom and network services industry – from wireless data infrastructure and public wireless service providers to large commercial enterprises, large and small.

Our engineering teams partner closely with our clients to deliver and deploy advanced wireless networking in a scalable architecture, enabling more agile and less costly network upgrades to meet market fluctuations and demands.

By relying on Luxoft’s deep domain expertise in telecom and network services industry segments and strong partnership skills, you can trust that you will realize a substantial return on investment through:

  • Reduced development cycle times
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Cost savings from increased scalability

Services we offer include:

  • Application and stack development
  • Sustaining engineering
  • System test
  • Test automation platform development

WAN Infrastructure

Luxoft’s expert engineers are experienced in a variety of today’s most popular and prolific WAN technologies. Working in close collaboration with WAN infrastructure providers around the world, we diligently bring together diverse business areas into a single, seamless WAN network to significantly improve productivity.

WAN infrastructures require the expertise of highly skilled engineers to create top performing networking and data communications systems, while simultaneously reducing security risks. Luxoft’s WAN systems engineering teams deliver proven ROI to telecom and network services sector by:

  • Dramatically reducing customer support costs
  • Reducing development cycle times
  • Improving agility and scalability of WAN networks to meet market fluctuations and demands

Services we offer:

  • Embedded software development
  • Sustaining engineering and customer support
  • Hardware design
  • System test
  • Test automation platform development

Ethernet Switching

In the highly segmented Ethernet Switching market, core skill sets required by one technology do not necessarily convert to other platforms. Newer technologies constantly emerge, competing to become tomorrow’s switching advantage.

Our ability to overcome these dynamics makes us a recognized leader in Ethernet Switching engineering for network infrastructure providers. Working in close partnership, our experts work to best meet your technology and business goals in order to:

  • Reduce development cycle times and accelerate time-to-market
  • Eliminate staff attrition rates, excessive add-on costs and misdirected resources and skill sets
  • Offer on-demand scalability of engineering and support resources

By choosing Luxoft as your telecom development partner, you can experience how we view each engagement as an opportunity to go above and beyond expectations.

Services we offer include:

  • Embedded software development
  • Sustaining engineering
  • System test
  • Test automation platform development

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