Accelerating innovation through digital transformation

We engineer next-gen technologies to a new level of excellence, accelerating our client’s growth, reducing time to market and driving new revenue.

What We Do

Luxoft provides clients with a wide range of services to support their digital transformation journey. Leveraging technology research and analysis, our experts customize solutions to enhance services and scale operations. From concept to product engineering, legacy systems to virtualization, we are committed to future-proofing your technology investments, empowering you to become more agile, innovative and competitive.

Our services include:
Product engineering
Automation, verification and performance testing
Continuous delivery and integration
Management and support services
Cloud integration and API management
Mobile, embedded and enterprise development

Customer Experience

Exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition by incorporating an adaptable operational model. Improving services through automation and using data to personalize their experiences increases loyalty and reduces customer churn.

Our services include:

  • AI Development
  • Customer value analytics
  • Targeting and customization of product and experiences
  • Biometrics and machine learning
  • Business process management

Network Transformation

Thrive in a competitive landscape by developing an infrastructure that is flexible, scalable and dynamically managed. Improve your network efficiencies from the CO to the edge by implementing digital solutions quickly and efficiently.

Our services include:

  • Forecasting demands for network planning and operations
  • Virtualizing key network functions and operational infrastructure
  • Creating, designing, and provisioning agile and innovative solutions
  • Cloud transformation and convergence of DevOps and NetOps
  • Providing a framework for real-time, policy-driven software automation of network management functions

Service Enablement

Improve digital life through seamlessly connecting anytime, anywhere, on any device, on any network. Deliver digital media content and create valuable new service offerings with multichannel publishing, content delivery, awareness and authentication.

Our services include:

  • Recommendation engine
  • Predictive analytics
  • Seamless experience UI/UX Design
  • Metadata and asset management
  • IPTV and OTT solutions

Operational Efficiency

Automation technologies can streamline and simplify work processes, analyze data and improve decision making. That’s the reality of automation technology. It increases workforce productivity and enables executives to accomplish more strategic goals.

Our services include:

  • Quality assurance testing
  • Full or partial automation with robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Autonomous Customer Service
  • Fraud and digital assets management with blockchain
  • Predictive Maintenance

Software Defined Lab

Innovate quickly, introduce services and fine-tune these services based on market response with Software Defined Lab (SDL). Our SDL platform helps service providers and network equipment manufacturers reduce the risks associated with migrating to NFV-based core networks.

Our services include:

  • Orchestration and execution of traffic with functional tests against an assembled VNF configuration
  • Testing across hybrid, physical or VNF boundaries
  • Easy simulation of varying conditions across the service chain and network in a repeatable, automated way
  • Development of test suites and integration with 3rd party physical or virtual testing tools
  • Reduction of lab testing from weeks to hours
  • Streamlining of on-boarding and selection procedures for 3rd party VNF vendors

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