#AIJournal: Harnessing the power of AI and ML with Luxoft and Appian

Nov 1, 2023 by Anurag Jaiswal



In brief

  • Join Luxoft’s Anurag Jaiswal on a deep dive into the synergy of Luxoft and Appian in harnessing AI and ML
  • Find out how you can revolutionize operations with Appian's AI — from efficient email classification to precise document handling and data extraction
  • Anurag explains how Luxoft’s partnership with Appian and our AI solutions help achieve unparalleled operational efficiency, agility, and automation-native strategies, seamlessly woven into business workflows



Drawing from years of pioneering AI solutions, Luxoft stands at the forefront of transforming industries with cutting-edge innovations. Our expansive AI expertise has consistently delivered unparalleled results for clients worldwide.

Today’s technological and regulatory landscape is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Amidst this evolution, the confluence of data has shifted from being a mere opportunity to an obligation for organizations in every industry.

How can businesses navigate this influx, transforming challenges into advantages?

The Luxoft-Appian partnership is the beacon.


Navigating the AI revolution with Appian’s capabilities


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are much more than trendy tech jargon. They represent the present and future of business process optimization. Appian, leading the brigade in business process management solutions, doesn't just offer AI and ML; it reshapes how businesses perceive automation and productivity.


The power of email classification: More than just sorting


Imagine the bustling digital corridors of a major insurance company. Every day, thousands of emails pour into their systems — from clients inquiring about new policies to existing customers looking to renew, or even those raising claims or seeking help with passwords. Before Appian's intervention, an army of staff would sift through, manually categorizing and forwarding them to the relevant departments.

But with Appian’s AI business process optimization solution, there’s no room for inefficiency. This innovative system, when implemented by Luxoft, can be trained using sample emails, enabling it to predictively categorize incoming communications and route them to relevant teams for further processing. With its case management capabilities, Appian can further create cases and route them to be worked upon by relevant teams. This level of automation isn’t just about convenience — it's disruptive and transformative.

For instance, consider an insurance firm that introduces three new policies. Instead of extensive training sessions and mistakes along the way, a developer could simply upload sample emails related to these policies, training the email classification ML model to classify them correctly. In a recent application, while claims and password-related emails achieved a staggering 99% accuracy, payment-related emails needed a bit more data for perfection. This iterative feedback ensures continuous improvement, and the model was easily retrained by providing more sample emails to improve accuracy.

Appian provides invaluable insights into classification efficiency, using email classification machine learning to empower businesses with data-driven decision-making capabilities.


Document handling: From chaos to classification


While emails are a challenge, documents are an altogether different ball game. Many businesses, especially those in the banking and financial sector, receive a gamut of documents daily — claim forms, payment authorizations, receipts and more.

Take the example of a multinational bank. With branches worldwide, they receive thousands of documents daily — loan applications from Europe, credit card application forms from Asia, and mortgage renewals from the Americas. Earlier, this would mean hours of manual labor, categorizing and forwarding these documents. But with Appian's AI for document processing, each document finds its way automatically to the right team across the globe, ensuring faster processing and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Extraction and reconciliation: The dual powerhouses


Beyond mere classification is the world of extraction. In the past, extracting key data points from documents was a labor-intensive task. Each form had to be manually reviewed to capture essential information. Now, imagine this process being replaced by an automated system with an accuracy rate that rivals, if not surpasses, human capability, and which achieves this in a fraction of the time taken by a human.

An example that underscores this is the claims process of an insurance company. Before automation, each claim document would pass through multiple hands, extracting policy numbers, claim amounts, and other details. With Appian's document extraction, this data is automatically pulled, verified, and stored. If any discrepancies arise, human reconciliation steps in, ensuring the sanctity of the process.


Data augmentation over automation


While AI can provide incredible insights, the importance of human judgment cannot be sidelined, especially in critical sectors like insurance and banking. RAG provides an augmentation of human capabilities, not a replacement. It will always be possible to review the original document. The aim is to assist users by providing time- and effort-saving efficiencies, not to replace humans in the process altogether. 


Why Luxoft and Appian stand out


1. Unified operations: Integration is the keyword in today's digital landscape. Businesses aim to merge processes, data and systems into a cohesive whole. Appian, implemented by Luxoft, offers this harmony, marrying human endeavors with digital prowess

2. Agility and adaptability: In the financial world, where market sentiments can change by the hour, agility isn't just a virtue — it's a necessity. Our combined prowess ensures businesses can pivot strategies swiftly, aligning with market and customer demands

3. Operational efficiency: Efficiency gains from AI business process automation are tangible. For instance, with Appian's process automation platform, a renowned financial institution reported a 95% boost in operational speed, ensuring they stay ahead in the competitive curve

4. Automation-native strategy: Every tool, every interface on the Appian platform speaks automation. With this native capability and implemented by Luxoft’s team of 100% certified Appian automation experts, businesses can seamlessly weave intelligent automation solutions into their very fabric, ensuring consistency and excellence in every business workflow


The future of automation


Navigating the AI and ML revolution necessitates more than tools — it demands vision, expertise and the capability to implement. Luxoft, leveraging Appian's unparalleled capabilities, is poised to guide businesses through this disruptive transformation journey.

Whether it's the granular task of classifying emails, the intricate process of extracting data, or ensuring seamless, holistic operations, our solutions are tailored for excellence. And the beauty of it all? This transformative capability isn't locked behind steep learning curves. Any developer can harness it, and any business can benefit from it.

Are you poised to embrace the future, ensuring efficiency, innovation and agility at every juncture? Contact Luxoft today and let us guide you through this transformative journey with the power and precision of Appian.


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Anurag Jaiswal , Appian Delivery and Solutions Manager , Cross LOB Automation Practice, Luxoft India

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Appian Delivery and Solutions Manager , Cross LOB Automation Practice, Luxoft India

Anurag is a Senior Principal Consultant with Luxoft India, leading the Digital Automation Delivery and Solutions using low-code BPM technologies with a focus on Appian platform for Cross LoB Automation Practice. He has driven large-scale process automation solutions and digital transformations for various large multi-national companies and across various technologies and business domains. He has rich experience in the energy, oil and gas, banking and financial services, health care and insurance domains. He specializes in understanding business needs for the service delivery of process transformations, Agile transformations, and project and product management. Anurag has over 21 years’ experience in the IT industry and has been working with Luxoft since 2020.