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Diversity & Inclusion overview

At Luxoft, we firmly believe that diversity in IT should be embraced and celebrated. Each and every one of us deserves the ability to pursue a career in IT if we are truly passionate about technology and innovation. As many of us already know, the IT industry is a true treasure trove of opportunities. It can improve the lives of many people around the world regardless of age, gender identity, race, ability, religion, or socio-economic background. We are proud to be a part of such a meaningful and exciting industry. Luxoft is leading by example and is focused on removing barriers to diversity and fostering inclusion. We are dedicated to bringing diversity to the IT industry by staying ahead of the curve and implementing policies that are focused on amplifying underrepresented voices to define the future of IT. Download the Luxoft D&I Info Pack here.

Despite the various locations, languages, and cultural heritages that make up the tapestry that is the Luxoft community, we all work in concert and are helping to accelerate change in the world.

Our commitment to diversity

Our people are our main value. To deliver the best innovative solutions to our clients, we create an inclusive, ethical workplace where diversity matters and where we demonstrate our commitment to performance with integrity every day.
At Luxoft, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is a lever to running a sustainable and successful business.
Diversity & Inclusion encompasses one of our key values for the company: respect. This value drives the diversity and inclusion agenda, underlining our dedication to treating people fairly, being accessible and inclusive, and valuing perspectives. Further information can be read in our D&I Policy here.
Our objective is to ensure that our Luxofters and potential job applicants are given equal opportunities and that our organization is representative of all dimensions of diversity. Each person is respected and experiences a working environment that strives to enable Luxofters to give their best.
Luxoft aspires to provide equality and fairness to all and provide favorable treatment on the grounds of age, disability, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, gender and sexual orientation, or any other characteristics that make our people unique. We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.
The company complies with all applicable local laws, labor agreements, and regulations pertaining to non-discrimination and equal opportunity. Luxoft is an equal opportunity employer. But, naturally, Luxoft goes above and beyond this, too. Diversity & Inclusion is not a box to tick. It is a core value that drives our success.

D&I corporate programs

In 2021, we received several prestigious awards from the WomenTech network for our D&I corporate programs including Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Award for ‘STEM Career Day’; Upskill & Reskill Program Award for ‘The Leadership Academy’; and HR & Program Manager Award. We were featured as Best Company for Diversity 2021 by Comparably. Our company also won Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Luxoft’s D&I Program by Best Business Awards. The Diversity & Inclusion group is the core of our Workplace celebrations of diversity, including diversity days and weeks as well as other awareness-increasing efforts. To be even more effective at accelerating change across the world and to get some added inspiration, each March we hold Diversity & Inclusion Week to celebrate the key factor driving Luxoft’s continual achievement – equality. D&I week is an annual event that has taken place at Luxoft for 3 years running.
Every March we devote the whole week to a series of webinars with keynote speakers to learn more about the role of diversity and inclusion in our business, the IT industry, and leadership. Speakers also delve into cultural differences, unconscious bias, inclusive language, and bring attention to the capabilities engendered by a diverse workforce.

As our company continues to expand its fields of expertise and welcomes new Luxofters to our ranks from across the globe, our mission of driving change becomes increasingly more dependent on our ability to unite and collaborate across cultural and physical boundaries. Luxoft offers e-learning opportunities for our employees to enlarge their knowledge on the topics related to supporting a diverse and inclusive working environment. In November 2020, we launched the ‘Understanding Unconscious Bias’ training, focusing on the types of bias, how to recognize them, and how to effectively overcome them. Several other courses were developed, including ‘Basics of Cross Cultural Awareness in Business’ and ‘Working with Multicultural Teams’.
As part of the Diversity & Inclusion program, we run DiversiTalks with our experts for both internal and external audiences. Moreover, we engage our employees to participate in our online campaigns. Over the past year, our colleagues have shared their views on what diversity and inclusion means to them by participating in a wide range of knowledge sharing sessions. See our #IamDiversity video built from the wide swath of fascinating insights provided here.
We are also committed to increasing gender equality within the company and helping more women join the IT Industry at large. She’s in IT, a global group created in February 2020, gathered 400 women in the company who are committed to delivering results to our customers, accelerating Luxoft’s growth, and improving our local communities through the development and empowerment of women. Moreover, we conduct webinars and interviews with women in leadership positions to learn more about their experience. In 2020, our She’s in Program became the silver winner at the WomenTech Global Awards 2020 for ‘Diversity & Inclusion Initiative of the Year’.
We aim to support education and share our expertise and knowledge with various groups of people. We are introducing the world of IT to our parents and children, helping students find their future professions in software development.
Over the last 4 years, more than 200 kids have attended long-term courses at Luxoft IT School, where both enthusiastic volunteers and professional trainers have held classes teaching students programming languages.

In 2019, Luxoft launched #RunForIT, a project that unites Luxofters around the world to show how far Luxoft can run collectively and then, using this data, contributes to charity – for each 5 km run, one dollar is donated. In 2020-2021, we had more than 300 runners and 100 cyclists among participants in more than 30 locations. In 2020, we helped out Teach For All, an organization that ensures that children have access to the learning opportunities and support they need to thrive and become the leaders of tomorrow’s change. In 2021, the funds generated went to the Walk About Foundation.
The Poland Business Run is the biggest charity relay in Poland and one of the most unique and successful running initiatives that supports those living with mobility disabilities. As a long-term partner and sponsor of the project, Luxoft co-organizes the run in various cities, helping raising funds for the individuals with mobility disabilities. To unite our employees and help with the integration of relocated Luxofters, the One Team project created in Poland, is now being rolled out globally to other locations, including the UK and Germany. The project involves special activities for employees and their families to help them with their adaptation process. These include local language classes and conversation clubs, various integration events for families, a package of information about benefits, and answers to common issues that the employees have to deal with. Watch the video about One Team here.

The Luxoft CSR Incubator

We continuously look for new socially responsible practices and foster ideas and initiatives that support diversity and inclusion.
One of the channels that we use to collect socially-oriented projects of our employees is the Luxoft CSR Incubator, a global volunteer grant program that offers financial support to our employees who want to contribute to social development at Luxoft and in local communities. After all submissions are collected, the judging process to choose the best projects addressing the goals of Luxoft CSR strategy begins.
Initiatives focusing on promoting gender equality at Luxoft and in local communities, opening the world of IT for students after university, and supporting the education of disadvantaged children are always among employee proposals that we support.
The initiators of the winning ideas become project leaders and are awarded with financial grants to help them implement their ideas during the financial year with teams of colleagues. Since 2017, we have received more than 250 project plans from all over the world, giving us a great cross section of what employees in different locations are interested in and what community changes are most relevant. In 2020-2022, we received more than 100 new bright ideas from the UK, Poland, India, Australia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, and the USA.

One of the CSR Incubator winners of 2021 is the JustImproveIT committee at Mexico, Guadalajara, that adresses the urgent community’s social problems and cooperate with the employees to provide the support to the people in need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team produced face shields for doctors using the 3D-printer constructed in-house. In Poland, the team of volunteers has started Mind Matters group on Workplace, and conducted mental health week, as well as organized a special online event - an online webinar with Wojciech Eichelberger, a renowned Polish psychologist, psychotherapist, coach and trainer. Career Guidance course for schoolchildren (Ukraine) was launched in March, 2021, designed to help teenagers (14-17 years old) make a conscious choice in the direction of their profession.
Moreover, among the projects successfully implemented in 2020-2021 is She Codes @ Luxoft program, an intensive 3-month educational Java course for women conducted by Luxoft trainers that also included interactive workshops with Luxoft experts. Our LuxCode Girls community in Mexico kept on developing with the help of our enthusiastic team.
Among the initiatives is the start of InspireIT Mentoring program aimed at sharing successful stories and opening opportunities for women in IT industry. Luxoft Ukraine continued a successful cooperation with the Women Who Code Kiyv network and organized a series of online meet-ups with Luxoft and network experts. During 2020-2022 over 200 participants joined the events, gained valuable knowledge, and had the opportunity to network.

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