#AIJournal: The Luxoft client journey: From advisory expertise to implementation innovation

Nov 15, 2023 by Raph McLarens , Ciarán Murphy



In brief

  • Join us on an exploration of how Luxoft teamed up with a Department of Finance, journeying from understanding intricate data ecosystems to actualizing a transformative data-driven strategy 
  • Discover how we transitioned from strategic consultations to tangible, insightful technological deliverables 
  • Embark on Luxoft's adventure of navigating the challenges of 'Shadow IT' and the rapid evolution of AI tools. Witness our creation of an ML Ops model seamlessly integrated with stringent bank IT protocols 



In today's dynamic digital landscape, “data-driven decision-making” is not just a buzzword; it's the backbone of forward-thinking enterprises. The road to such transformation is, however, laden with complexities. To truly harness the potential of data, organizations need a partner that excels in technical acumen but, more importantly, aligns closely with their business challenges and aspirations. This is where Luxoft makes a distinguished mark. Through a comprehensive exploration of three in-depth case studies, we'll delineate how Luxoft pioneers client relationships, delivering value that transcends mere service delivery. 


Pioneering data-driven decision-making for a government entity


The initial landscape and challenges 
Envision a Department of Finance, tasked with rolling out advanced analytics and grappling with the intricacies of their unique data and technology ecosystem. The challenge was twofold: conceptualizing and then implementing a system robust enough to foster data-driven decision-making. 

Luxoft's comprehensive solution 
Luxoft's approach was meticulous. The initial phase was grounded in understanding — gathering use cases, evaluating the existing data lake architecture, and examining the technology blueprint. With these insights, a feasibility study was tailored, from which six core use cases emerged. These weren’t just plucked out of thin air; they were the crystallization of extensive dialogue, IT cooperation and strategic vision. 

Upon this foundation, Luxoft erected the pillars of the client's data strategy. From developing a custom portal — acting as a gateway to the new digital assets — to laying out a clear project plan for the subsequent phases, Luxoft ensured every piece fit perfectly. 

Technological innovations employed 
Luxoft implemented Dataiku as the core Data Analytics platform, with Cloudera as the data lake storage. Tableau was utilized as the core Visual Analytics solution for the majority of users.  

Glimpsing Luxoft's expertise 
This engagement wasn’t merely about deploying a technology solution; it was about creating a transformative blueprint for the client and enable them to get maximum data insights. The way Luxoft assimilated business challenges and addressed them through technology is a testament to their consultative prowess. This approach is applicable to any organization looking to traverse the journey from data availability to actionable insights. 


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Employee attrition dashboard — turning consultation into tangible outcomes


Having already experienced Luxoft’s technology expertise and business acumen in the consultative phase, the same government entity was eager to evolve their relationship. Their need? An employee attrition dashboard, instrumental for accurate budgetary planning. This was an innovation recommended by Luxoft in the initial consultation phase, and the client was keen for Luxoft to see it through to development and delivery. 

Luxoft’s robust implementation 
Luxoft were able to leverage the previously implemented Dataiku platform together with Tableau and show how it can easily be extended to accommodate this use case. 

The crux was to develop an automated solution, periodically updated with monthly payroll data, predicting potential employee attritions. 

The technological backbone 
Dataiku, with its data wrangling capabilities, made it feasible to preprocess massive payroll datasets, then apply machine learning (ML) techniques to develop and evaluate models.  

The best performing models deployed in production and Tableau's robust visualization tools translated the predictions into insightful dashboards. 

The Luxoft difference 
The seamlessness with which Luxoft transitioned from consultancy to actionable deliverables underscores their unparalleled expertise. This dual expertise can be an invaluable asset for any enterprise aiming to transform consultation insights into tangible, beneficial outcomes.  

Plus, Luxoft’s array of partnerships with industry leaders such as Dataiku, AWS, Snowflake and more brings unrivalled access to best-of-breed solutions.  


Empowering a European Bank through ML Ops integration


The multifaceted challenge 
‘Shadow IT’ and the subsequent challenges it poses is a quagmire many organizations find themselves in. For a leading European bank, the problem was accentuated by the rapid proliferation of ML and AI tools, warranting a new wave of best practices around design, support and rollout. 

Part of the challenge was evaluating best-of-breed industry ML technology against the client's strict IT governance controls to identify the potential solutions. 

Luxoft’s holistic solution 
Understanding both the technical and business ramifications, Luxoft embarked on a comprehensive engagement. By reviewing the bank’s ML landscape and juxtaposing it with industry benchmarks, Luxoft identified gaps and opportunities. We developed a scoring matrix with quantitative and qualitative criteria; this evaluation was used in several client workshops to evolve the target platform. 

What followed was a careful design of a target solution architecture, culminating in an ML Ops operating model that synergized with existing IT governance processes. 

Embodying a partnership ethos 
The client saw Luxoft as a trusted partner, with deep technical knowledge combined with expertise in Banking and Capital Markets. 

This wasn't just another engagement for Luxoft; it exemplified their commitment to understand, internalize, and address client challenges. Their ability to integrate technical solutions within existing business frameworks makes them an invaluable partner for any business navigating the complexities of technology adoption. 


Luxoft’s data analytics: Beyond service delivery


Luxoft’s engagements aren’t transient; they’re transformative relationships. Backed by a team of 700+ data analytics experts and enriched by 100+ client relationships, Luxoft epitomizes excellence in data analytics. 

From consultative guidance — aligning metrics with business outcomes — to analytics implementation and managed services, Luxoft’s service portfolio is comprehensive. Partnerships with industry stalwarts and a penchant for integrating client capabilities set them apart. 


The Luxoft journey: In retrospect


From spearheading a Data Analytics platform rollout, to developing AI models to forecast attrition to democratizing ML Ops, Luxoft provides consultancy and advisory services through to delivery and implementation. Luxoft meets you where you are and guides you every step of the way. 

Luxoft’s multifaceted engagements showcase a unique holistic value proposition. Our mantra isn't just to 'deliver' but to 'transform'. In a landscape where challenges are aplenty, Luxoft emerges as the beacon, guiding organizations from aspirations to tangible results, establishing itself as the partner of choice for the discerning enterprise. 


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Raph McLarens  , Director, Data Analytics, Luxoft

Raph McLarens author linkedin

Director, Data Analytics, Luxoft

Raph has over 25 years’ experience in Financial Services Technology across Project Management and Product Development. Raph is a certified Scrum Master and a SAFe Program Consultant. He has worked extensively for several Tier 1 banks, providing consulting expertise on Digital Transformation programs and leading multi-region teams in delivering new systems. Proactive and with strong analytical skills, he understands how agile software delivery can optimize business value. His current focus is on how to unlock the benefits of Advanced Analytics and AI.

Ciarán Murphy , Principal Consultant, Data Science and Analytics

Ciarán Murphy

Principal Consultant, Data Science and Analytics

Amassing 10 years’ experience in data analytics and machine learning has taken Ciarán across multiple industries; all the way from financial services to e-commerce and utilities. The hard-earned result is a proven track record in implementing end-to-end data science use cases, communicating results and insights, and solutioning. Ciarán has a BSc in Mathematical Physics from University College Dublin and an MSc in Theoretical Physics from King’s College London.